Aesthetic Matters: Learning From Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin And Dogelon Mars

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People buy into aesthetics and are willing to invest with fun and whimsical tokens.

Meme tokens haven’t always had the privilege of being taken seriously, but that is changing at a rapid pace. The long-running Dogecoin (DOGE) is just under eight years old, and the sheer popularity of the simple doge meme has kept the token alive for all these years, and is now getting closer and closer to the big leagues.

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Dogelon Mars (ELON) is a meme coin that was born out of a fun, quirky - if not a little crazy comic book. The Elon Musk and Dogecoin-themed token has seen great success, and is now firmly a part of the meme coin universe, and has a market cap of over $183m.

However, those cryptocurrencies have been released, and have been trading on markets and exchanges for some time. While they still do represent great investments, the likes of newcomer Big Eyes (BIG) represent a stronger opportunity to make some serious returns.

Generating Value From Community And Design

Who would have ever thought a mere image of a Shiba Inu dog would create a global meme that has persisted for nearly a decade? Well, the community that backed Dogecoin from 2013 onwards can claim to, and their patience has been rewarded.

They have seen their tokens go from a minuscule value, to being worth half a billion dollars at its peak in 2021. The eternal doge meme is the driving force behind this community, and has helped to spawn a successful crypto token with serious ambitions of hitting that $1 mark in 2023.

Dogelon Mars is an example of how strong the original Dogecoin is, but has demonstrated its ability to be its own entity while strongly associated with the Dogecoin mothership. The basis of the token is a comic, where the character Dogelon Mars traverses the galaxy to find his real home. Elon Musk is a lightning rod for cryptocurrency, and it makes sense to plug into his world and fans.

Everyone loves the Doge meme, but the internet’s first love has always been cats. From imageboard websites to social media algorithms promoting cat content, it’s impossible to get away from it. The fun-loving crypto community finally has a fun, cat-themed crypto token to invest in and own: Big Eyes.

Big Eyes combines the aesthetics of anime and cartoons with our ingrained love of cats and all they get up to. The meme coin combines the seriousness needed to impress trust upon investors, and the fun aesthetic needed to build a community.

Much in the way Dogecoin serves as the originator of other doge-themed meme coins, Big Eyes could end up being perceived as the trailblazer in meme coins, creating the first and largest crypto cat coin. Who knows what could be born from it? It could end up rivalling the Dogecoin ecosystem. The founders have opted for community-friendly practices and policies, and have raised significant funds in pre-sale.


The Big Eyes Aesthetic Is Ready To Blow Up

A quick perusal of the top meme coins by market cap vividly demonstrates the power of aesthetic. While Dogecoin sits comfortably at the top, it is followed by an assortment of doge-related meme coins. The creation of one meme coin alone has generated significant value, and is compounding that by inspiring the creation of coins and their respective communities.

With its emphasis on cat-like behaviour, love for fish, and anime-style aesthetics, Big Eyes hits a number of notes. The feline-aligned token is currently in its pre-sale phase and has already raised over $17.5 m.

As with many cryptocurrencies, getting in early is the best way to make a return on an investment. By making use of discount codes and the founders’ desire for a strong pre-sale, investors can reap the rewards when the token finally drops.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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