7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Iran, India, Pakistan And Gulf States

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Iran has been hit by a massive earthquake with jolts felt in India, Pakistan and in the Middle East region. According to a US Geological Survey the magnitude of the earthquake is measured at 7.88 on the Richter scale. This magnitude is strong enough to hit some large buildings.

7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Iran, India, Pakistan And Gulf States

The epicenter for the earthquake is located 90 km southeast of the city of Khash. Khash had over 56,000 residents as of 2006 and is the capital of Khash County in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province, one of Iran’s poorest.

The earthquake occurred 73 miles under the surface, near to the border of Pakistan, which is known as the sensitive area regarding the tectonic activities. The remote region is around 115 miles southeast of Zahedan, a town with a population of around 550,000. According to the reports coming, the quake was felt in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and UAE, as well.

A report from Iran’s Press TV reveals that at least 40 people have been confirmed dead due to the quake.

New Delhi, Capital of India, went through the massive jolt, which shook the buildings and people came out on the street to protect themselves. Earlier today, India witnessed another earthquake in Assam, which measured 4.6 on the Richter Scale. In the early morning at 6:53 the earthquake hit Assam according to Regional Meteorological Centre on latitude 26.3 degree North and 92.0 degree east. The epicenter of the earthquake was Darrang district of Assam.

There was no news of anybody being hurt or any property damaged from Delhi as well as Assam. Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ahmedabad were the other cities that felt the effects of Earthquake.

According to the Reuters, the Earthquake covered the areas as far as Persian Gulf States.  The building in Delhi shook for almost 10 seconds, and windows rattled. New Delhi is prone to the earthquakes and often a mild intensity earthquake is reported.

Tremors were strongly felt in Pakistan, including the city of Karachi, and across Balochistan province.

“Felt my laptop and table shake noticeably. There was no window rattling, but the shaking motion was visibly strong,” one witness in Karachi said.

A week before, another deadly earthquake measuring 6.1 magnitude was recorded 60 miles southeast of Bushehr, the site of Iran’s nuclear reactor.

This link will give a clear idea on the regions that have been covered by the earthquake.

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