Using Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Application Development

Using Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Application Development
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In the contemporary tech world, artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the most dominating trends. It has become a prominent buzzword across various industries in recent years. The growing rate of artificial intelligence is accelerating with the potential to strike the blooming world of mobile application development. Meaning, it is likely to make a drastic change in improving user experience and customer journey.

A research done by International Data Corporation estimated that global investments on AI systems would grow from $35.8 billion in 2019 to $79.2 billion in 2022.

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The limelight it has got in improving the growth and expectations of businesses cannot be ignored by sectors who want to make a meaningful business impact through technology. Alexa and Google Home are the best examples of artificial intelligence for providing user-focused interactions and real-time results.

Due to its rapidly increasing popularity in the tech world, various website and application development companies are adopting this technology and putting it in the hands of people.

This blog provides a brief overview of the changing user needs and the impact of artificial intelligence on mobile application development.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science, emphasized on creating the intelligent machines that work with the human-like ability. These machines are capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, situation analyzing, and understanding different languages.

Artificial intelligence is all about thinking humanly, and it enhances user experience by analyzing user’s data to provided customized content and solutions to each user.

Artificial Intelligence and Opportunities for Application Development

AI is becoming a giant day by day by driving a whole new class of possibilities in the tech world. Various mobile application development companies are using the technology to make out-of-the-box apps. Implementing integrating artificial intelligence in mobile apps is the most exciting idea that must be explored.

Apple’s Siri, Cortana from Microsoft and google assistants are the best examples of AI-infused mobile apps.

Although AI has emerged as providing seamless possibilities with smartphones, it is incorporated along with context-aware sensors or chatbots. Custom mobile application development companies are using it to attract and retain their customers.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Mobile Application Development

Many tech giants like Amazon, eBay, Uber, and other companies are already enjoying the immense benefits of implementing AI in their mobile apps. Know the ways artificial intelligence is impacting the website and application development companies to enhance the user experience.

1. Boosts Automation

Contrary to common beliefs, artificial intelligence will not minimize the human roles in analysis and research but helps the users in making better decisions. Artificial intelligence will give rise to automated tasks. This automation will help the users to invest their time in doing productive tasks, while artificial intelligence will automatically handle the hectic tasks.

One great example of AI automation is “google maps” that helps the users to navigate the destination easily and provides the best possible routes.

2. Improves App UX

Artificial intelligence mainly depends on app developers and UX experts to enhance user experience. It improves user engagement by analyzing user behavior patterns. App developers analyze these user behavior patterns along with user input data to draw the reliable insights required to deliver a user-centric experience.

It is predicted that intelligent chatbots will handle a wide range of customer interactions by 2025. Developers are integrating artificial intelligence with the associated contexts by the chatbots to providing a seamless customer experience.

3. Offers Real-Time Translations

There are plenty of language-translating mobile apps available on the internet, but these apps work with an internet connection. And artificial intelligence allows users to translate their words or sentence in real-time without using an internet connection. All you need to do is type your word in a blank column and select the language you want to translate it.

For example, Baidu is a translation tool that translates English to Chinese in real-time.

4. Provides Smart Analytics

By enabling smart analysis of apps, artificial intelligence can provide real-time custom experiences by shifting the placement of key sections, buttons or banners based on user behavior. Artificial intelligence can significantly affect user experience in mobile apps. We have now apps that can execute a task by learning and understanding it. Meaning artificial intelligence is changing the working ways of mobile apps dramatically.

5. Boosts personalized User Experience

The key factor that mobile applications lacked before the arrival of artificial intelligence was personalization. Customers now demand a personalized experience from mobile apps in terms of design, ease of navigation and content i.e. suggest and show the data of their interests.

Therefore, businesses are focused on providing highly personalized user experiences. Artificial intelligence uses the algorithms based on users’ preferences to recommend the products and services of the user’s choices.

This personalized experience that artificial intelligence is providing is significantly contributing to the incredible sales process.

6. Offers Robust Security 

The increasing rates of cybercrimes have given rise to incorporating artificial intelligence in mobile applications for security reasons. Since AI offers a robust authentication process, app developers can effectively incorporate it along with a variety of recognition types to identify and authenticate the users.

For example, face recognition has been the best security feature in smartphones that Apple introduced in 2017.

In the past, users found difficulty at night to unlock their smartphones using their face. As smartphones don’t recognize the face at night. Artificial intelligence has solved this problem by introducing smart camera surveillance. These smart cameras are capable to recognize the face both in the day, night, indoors, and outdoors.

7. Provides Seamless User Engagement

Indeed, the major reason for the failure of mobile apps is the lack of user engagement. Therefore, artificial intelligence is now being used to analyze user behavior to draw trustworthy user insights. With the help of AI, app developers can know the user expectations in an app, and the ways they want to use it. Website and application development companies can utilize this information to create a better user experience that ideally meets user demands.

Since AI can study large bits of data, so, it is used to make better decisions which humans are not able to do. Technically you can program the bot to read all the feedback of users. But AI is a game-changer because it can read the feedback humanly to let the app developers conclude better. App developers can make a well-informed decision by using this conclusion.

8. Enhances Search Engines

In some cases, visual search is more accurate and faster than a voice or a text search. Due to integrated AI in mobile applications, android developers are bound to develop an image recognition system and a voice recognition system. To increase conversion rates AI will provide localization of applications.

In a few cases, visual search technology produces more accurate results than text or voice search. Due to incorporating artificial intelligence in mobile applications, android developers develop a voice recognition system and voice recognition system. To boost the conversion rates, artificial intelligence provides localization of applications.

9. Improves All Industries with the Smart Strategies

The need for artificial intelligence is rapidly increasing to accelerate the discovery and creation of new ways to drive the workforce. AI is empowering modern decision-making in various industries. This decision-making is done by gathering the actionable insights that are the data generated by AI feeds. Today, AI is impacting almost businesses of various sizes using these smart strategies. AI simulation techniques fused with these strategies provide reliable insights into the user experience.

10. Provide Predictions

Mobile apps on our smartphones send us regular notifications about the products, offers, and discounts to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. AI algorithms analyze the previous buying history of customers and predict what customers want to buy. The main reason to develop predictive algorithms is to increase business revenue.

11. Drive Localization and Contextualization

Last but not least, AI-infused mobile apps can deliver a more localized and context-driven user experience. AI-based algorithms can understand the distinct user contexts in a better way and hence comes with better recommendations and messages. It does so by sensing the location of the user along with other vital aspects.

Incorporate AI in Mobile Application Development

The massive amplification for incorporating artificial intelligence in mobile applications has improved the user experience and business growth significantly. Tech companies have started to implement AI-based algorithms that will deliver a personalized user experience. Industries adopting artificial intelligence in their mobile apps are getting unmatched benefits. AI incorporated mobile apps can lead your business towards continuous growth.

Want to make the next killer app and need help with implementing artificial intelligence? Give your mobile app project to the experienced website and application development company and level up your mobile apps to engage with more customers and beat the competition in the mobile market.

AI is integral for customer-centric mobile apps, to offer customized user experiences that will ultimately stronger relationships with the audience.

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