iOS Users Still Complain About Saved Places Missing From Google Maps

saved places missing from Google Maps

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Google Maps is not just helpful for navigation purposes, but for plenty of other reasons as well, including saving places. However, if a technical glitch makes all your saved places disappear, it can be quite frustrating. Some iOS users experienced that frustration earlier this month when they said their starred and saved places were missing from Google Maps.

Starred and saved places missing from Google Maps

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about starred and saved places missing from Google Maps. According to PiunikaWeb, Google appears to have fixed the issue with an update, but now it appears some users are still facing a similar problem. Most of the complaints come from users who updated their Maps app to version 5.14.3. Affected users took to product forums and social media platforms earlier this month or late in March to complain about the issue with Google Maps.

“Neither my saved nor my favorited places show on my map anymore since yesterday. I have tried logging in and out of my account on Google Maps, restarted the app, and switched the visibility of the list off and on again, but it’s still now [sic] showing,” one user said.

Affected users said they have tried launching the app again and also restarting the phone, but nothing is working. One user suggested that uninstalling and then installing the app again worked for him. Although this workaround worked for a few users, most affected users still faced the issue after trying it. In fact, most users who tried this workaround said that uninstalling and reinstalling the app only brought back the starred and saved places temporarily, and the places disappeared again once the app was closed.

“Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. The saved locations showed for about 30 seconds and then disappeared after closing the app. Do you have a longer term solution?” one user said.

Issue fixed, but only partly

Some users assured others that their saved locations are not lost forever and that it is a temporary glitch that should be resolved. One user said since he was able to view the saved locations in the web app, he was sure that they are not lost.

“I’ve spent years tagging businesses and other locations around the globe, so the thought that the data was gone was really chilling. Saw that the data still appeared in the web app version, so knew it wasn’t lost,” he said.

Following the increasing number of complaints from users, Google was quick to admit to the issue earlier this month and assured users that the team was working on a fix. As a workaround, a Google Maps forum product expert told one user to use the default map until the issue is fixed permanently.

A few days later, the product forum expert confirmed that the issue was resolved, and users should install the latest version of the app. Although most users confirmed that the update resolved the issue for them, some added that the update triggered another similar issue for them, according to PiunikaWeb.

Affected Android users as well

Affected users now say their “want to go” saved places are missing from the app.

“My starred places and favorite places are all there, but my entire list of Want to go disappeared and seem to all be gone,” one affected user said.

This time the issue was not just limited to iOS users; rather, Android users also started complaining about it. Android users say their recently saved or “want to go” places are missing since they updated to Google Maps v10.14.1.

Additionally, Android users say they are facing the same issue with the web version of the app as well. A forum expert told affected users that they have reported the issue to the correct team, and it should be fixed soon.

iOS users reported the same problem with starred and saved places missing from Google Maps last year. It is disappointing to see that a company like Google is unable to address such issues permanently, resulting in a marred user experience.

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