Shumukh: Dubai Perfumer Launches World’s Most Expensive Perfume

Shumukh: Dubai Perfumer Launches World’s Most Expensive Perfume
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Dubai is all about oil and luxury. It has got Burj Khalifa, an iPod-shaped building, and now the world’s most expensive perfume. Until now, the world’s most expensive perfume was the Clive Christian No.1 Collection, which was launched in 2005 with a price tag of $205,000 per 500ml bottle. A perfumer in Dubai has launched Shumukh – which means ‘deserving the highest’ – with an eye-popping price tag. More than 99% of the world’s population cannot afford it. But then with a price tag of $1.3 million, it’s not meant for the 99%.

The ultra-luxury Shumukh perfume was launched by The Spirit of Dubai Perfums by Nabeel. It was unveiled to a small number of exclusive guests at the Armani Ballroom of Burj Khalifa. If you are ultra-wealthy, you should know that Shumukh will be on display in The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue from March 14 through March 30. You could check out the bottle or pay AED 4.572 million ($1.3 million) to buy the world’s most expensive unisex perfume. You could also avail the complimentary engraving service.


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What makes it the world’s most expensive perfume?

The 1.97-meter bottle has seven core design elements to tell the tale of the Great Emirate. It showcases the fine art of perfumery and jewelry. The bottle itself is made of hand-blown Italian Murano glass and can hold 3 liters of perfume inside it. It dispenses the fragrance through a remote-controlled spray mechanism that you can adjust to your height.

The world’s most expensive perfume also holds several Guinness World Records including for the Most diamonds set on a perfume bottle and the Tallest remote controlled (RC) fragrance spray product. Shumukh takes extravagance to a whole new level. Its case is encrusted with 3,571 sparkling diamonds (totaling 38.55 carats), 2,479.26 grams of 18 carat gold, and 5,892.88 grams of pure silver, and other precious stones such as pearls and topaz.

This artistic masterpiece’s seven window display showcases each of the seven elements that make up the city of Dubai – falconry, pearl diving, roses, Arabian horses, luxury, Arabian hospitality, and Dubai’s stature as the ‘city of the future.’

The perfume itself took more than 3 years and 494 trials to formulate. It is made up of natural ingredients from around the world to create a unique scent. The ingredients include amber, pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, frankincense, patchouli ylang-ylang, musk, and sandalwood. The perfumer behind Shumukh claims its aroma lasts more than 12 hours on skin and up to 30 days on fabric.

Who is the guy behind Shumukh?

The perfume Shumukh was created by Mr Asghar Adam Ali, the chairman and master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes Group. He collaborated with the greatest craftsmen and artisans from Italy, France, and Switzerland to create this masterpiece. Asghar Adam Ali told media that it was his lifelong dream to create a monumental piece of art.

His vision was not only to capture the persona of Dubai in his art but also to create a fragrance “that embodied the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfumery.” And Shumukh  – “Deserving the highest” – is the outcome of his ambitious project.

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