Motorola Confirms Existence Of Moto G6 Audio Issues

Motorola Confirms Existence Of Moto G6 Audio Issues
Image source: Motorola

Users are reporting Moto G6 audio issues of various different kinds with the entire latest series of phones.

Distorted Audio For Recorded Videos

There are several Moto G6 audio issues that are plaguing owners of these new devices, and the first of these is the issue of distorted audio from video recordings.

For the past few weeks, users have been voicing their concern about the Moto G6 audio issues across the Motorola/Lenovo community. These posts highlight muffled, noisy, and crackling audio quality that is extremely apparent in videos that are recorded in quiet environments.

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The audio issues appear isolated to videos that are recorded on the stock camera application, and third party apps seem to be free of these Moto G6 audio issues.

Included below are a couple of user complaints and some initial investigation into what was causing the problems and perhaps potential fixes on Motorola’s end.

“From all the data i’ve seen and following up on my own discoveries and testing, the reason why this audio glitch is occurring is due to the phone attempting to patch two mics into one video and doing a bad job at it. This is something Motorola can easily fix by improving the audio encoding when capturing video from apps that utilize the two mics at once.”

“It appears that when using an app like Snapchat to record video, the quality is much better but it is only utilizing the front facing microhpone, i.e. the phone call one. When recording with the Moto Camera app, it appears to be receiving audio from the back side mic AND the microphone on the top of the phone. This dual Mic recording can potentially be a factor in why this sounds so bad and/or one of these mics are defective or poor in quality.”

Audio Cutting Out

The main Moto G6 audio issues reported by G6 Play users are problems with audio cutting out when headphones are plugged in. Users report that the audio glitches out when the headphones are used and the volume is set to lower than 50%.

“I want to point out that (on my device) the problem is not with high or low frequencies, but high or low volume. Any audio that plays continuously with no silent or quiet parts plays fine, but any audio at a low volume, even if just for a split second, will cut out as if the headphone jack is turning off to save power or something.”

“I can confirm that I face the same issue. I bought my phone via Boost Mobile about two weeks ago and since receiving the phone I’ve noticed that audio below a certain level drops out. As other commenters have said, the issue only occurs with wired headphones and only when the volume setting is below around 50%.”

A MotoAgent chimed in on the Moto G6 audio issues, staring that the company was aware of the audio cutting out and offered some potential solutions.

“As per the update from our product team, we were able to replicate the same. We thank you for your inputs. Our advice at this point would be to check if your device is under replacement period — if so, you can process for the replacement if not, the next option would be Service/repair.”

For those experiencing the Moto G6 audio issues with recordings, a fix appears to be in development and will be released as soon as possible. For those dealing with the audio cutting out, however, there isn’t really a way to address it with a patch as it appears to be a hardware issue. Those with that particular problem will likely be to get a replacement phone if it is still under warranty or to take the device in for service.

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