20,000,000+ Used Phones Sold, $2.8 Billion At Stake For Consumers

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If you’re one of the 20 million-plus Americans who recently got a new phone, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to sell your old phone at the highest price. In fact, the average used smartphone is worth $140 – which means the 20 million used phones displaced by new smartphones are collectively worth $2.8 billion, according to Flipsy.com, a free service that instantly compares online phone buyback offers to find the highest-paying stores.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how much value their old phones have. Instead of selling them, they relegate them to junk drawers, where they do little more than collect dust and lose value.

Even worse, they might throw them away, and unwittingly contribute to the global e-waste crisis: cell phones contain toxic materials that leach into the air, soil, and water. The best way to properly recycle an old phone is to sell it, since it will make it into the hands of another user instead of a landfill (or worse, the ocean).

You can use Flipsy.com’s suite of free tools to:

  • Instantly see the highest-paying cash offers from online buyback stores for your used phone
  • Find local stores that will buy your used phone
  • View blue book values for any phone

You can also see historical value trends as well as which companies offer price locks, which let you lock in a price now but sell up to 30 days later. This is useful if you’re still waiting for your new phone to arrive and you want to lock in a price for your old phone – before values drop – yet keep it until you get your new phone set up.

For example, if you have a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon), you could use Flipsy.com to see that the highest-paying online buyback offer is $357. You can then connect directly to the buyer to complete your sale. You could also see the blue book value ($456), which is what the device is worth on the private market, as well as the locations of local stores that will buy it.

With Flipsy.com, you can recycle your old phone responsibly and get paid in cash. What better way to celebrate your new phone than with some extra spending money you can use for accessories and apps?

You can see Flipsy in action here.

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