Andy Rubin Left Google Over ‘Inappropriate’ Workplace Relationship [REPORT]

Essential founder Andy Rubin, or more popularly known as the Android creator, reportedly did not leave Google on a happy note. According to The Information, Rubin exited the search giant after an investigation found that he maintained an unfitting relationship with a female employee on his team.

Andy Rubin
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Why Andy Rubin left Google?

After Google HR received the complaint, Rubin was told that he might face disciplinary action following an investigation. However, it is not clear if he faced any. Just a few days after that, Rubin left the organization. There is no information on the nature of the relationship, or if it involved sexual harassment or assault. According to The Information, Rubin’s behavior was described as “improper and showed bad judgement.”

Google policies restrict employees from entering into a relationship with subordinates. If two individuals from the same department are in a consensual relationship, they need to inform HR, who will then switch the department of one employee, notes The Verge.

Speaking to The Information, Rubin’s spokesperson Mike Sitrick said, “Any relationship that Mr. Rubin had while at Google was consensual.” According to Sitrick, Google never said to Rubin that he was engaged in any misconduct “while at Google and he did not, either while at Google or since.”

If the report turns out to be true, then Rubin would be the second senior Google executive to exit the search giant owing to alleged misconduct. Amit Singhal was one of the elite scientists working with Google in the operations department. Singhal’s exit also came as a surprise as he left quickly after the investigation started, noted a report from India Today Tech.

Sexual assaults and harassment accusations have gripped some of the biggest companies lately. Recently, Amazon overhauled its TV and film unit after its head of programming Roy Price resigned following sexual misconduct allegations. Uber has also been at the receiving end throughout the year for its inappropriate working culture.

Takes leave from Essential

Andy Rubin is currently on a leave of absence from Essential owing to personal reasons. Rubin, who co-founded Android before Google bought it, also founded Danger, the company behind the T-Mobile Sidekick. His latest venture, Essential, has already launched its first smartphone after repetitive delays. However, the much-awaited phone has failed to meet expectations.

The Essential Phone came with a hefty price tag of $699, but as the demand was sluggish, the makers decided to offer it at a discount. The phone is now available for just $399 on Amazon and comes with a 4K 360-degree camera attachment that usually costs $199. Despite the software issues affecting its performance, this latest price tag is a good bargain for anyone on a budget looking for a premium Android device that would get better with time.

The Essential Phone has a unique form factor with super thin bezels and high-end hardware parts. However, considering the initial price, the phone lacked some high-end features offered by other smartphones in the category, such as support for virtual reality, expandable storage, water resistance or great cameras.