Can’t Connect To Apple’s Appe Store In iOS 11? Here’s A Fix

We are at the point in iOS 11 development that Apple is dropping iOS 11 beta updates every week now. With the launch of the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 just weeks away, the newest version of the operating system is about as close to complete as you can get before it is officially released to the public. Still, there are a few quirky bugs that are causing some users issues. The iOS 11 App Store error is one of those bugs that seems to be getting a fair bit of mention online.

iOS 11 App Store Error

For those of you unaware about the iOS 11 App Store error, let me try to explain. Basically, users are getting a message that says, “Cannot connect to App Store,” when they open the App Store. Not an ideal response when you want to go grab a new app for your device. Luckily, the problem can be easily fixed with a quick trick that shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes.

Here’s what to do if you are experiencing the iOS 11 App Store error:

  1. Open the App Store and make sure you are on the “Today” tab.
  2. There’s a date at the top of the tab. Write down this date.
  3. Open your “Settings” and then tap “General” then select “Date & Time.”
  4. Turn “Set Automatically” to “Off.”
  5. Now you will manually change the date of your device to the same date that you saw in the “Today” tab.
  6. Re-open the App Store and just wait for about 30 seconds.
  7. Now, go back to where you set the time and date. Turn “Set Automatically” back to “On.”
  8. Double tap the home button and kill the App Store app running in the background. Re-open the App Store from the home screen. It should display the correct date and get rid of that annoying error message.

See? Not too complicated and a pretty quick fix. Obviously, it will be much better when Apple releases their own fix that doesn’t require users to jump through hoops in order to make the App Store work correctly.

The iOS 11 App Store error is just another example of why you should not install a beta version of any software unless you are ready to deal with a few bugs here and there. This bug is easy to fix and does not appear to be a widespread issue but it could have caused some inconvenience for a few users out there. If you’re not ready to work alongside a few bugs then you’re best served by waiting for a full public release of iOS 11. Speaking of… We shouldn’t be far away from the public launch of iOS 11. With the iPhone 8 just around the corner, Apple will want to make sure iOS 11 is polished and ready to go.

Have you or someone you know had to deal with the iOS 11 App Store error? Did this quick fix take care of the issue or are you still experiencing trouble? Let us know in the comments below!