New iPhone 8 Features To Include Giant Screen And Face Recognition

New iPhone 8 Features To Include Giant Screen And Face Recognition
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According to the most esteemed Apple analyst, among the iPhone 8 features to debut in the next generation will be a massive display and facial recognition technology. Ming-Chi Kuo has published his latest investor note for KGI Securities, which outlines his predictions for the next-generation smartphone.

iPad success

Of all Apple observers, Kuo is undoubtedly the most respected, and is also the individual with the strongest track record. For example, he recently noted that Apple would release new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, alongside a standard 9.7-inch iPad. So it is therefore informative to examine precisely what iPhone 8 features the infamous analyst believes Apple will implement.

Kuo confirmed that Apple will switch to a wraparound display for the premium version of the smartphone in 2017, stating that the Home button will be embedded within the screen of the device. This is one of the iPhone 8 features that has been strongly predicted ahead of the release of the mobile, which means that Apple will switch to a design rather similar to the Galaxy S8 from Samsung and the recent OnePlus 5.

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Indeed, it is likely that Apple will also utilize the OLED technology that has proved so popular for the Korean corporation in its smartphone releases. Reports have stated that Apple will attempt to source this display technology from Samsung itself, although LG could also be a possible provider as well.

Dominant display

Kuo also suggests that the wraparound display will be one of the most tangible iPhone 8 features, as the analyst asserts that it will occupy most of the front panel of the handset. This very much fits the design zeitgeist, with recent smartphone releases featuring screen real estate that dominates the front of devices. In fact, the analyst believes that the iPhone 8 will feature the largest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone available on the market.

Another critical aspect of the iPhone 8, according to Kuo, will be the facial recognition technology that has also been strongly linked with this handset previously. This will enable users of the iPhone 8 to look directly at the device in order to unlock it. This will improve security in the iPhone 8 generation, while also ensuring that unlocking the phone is more straightforward.

Fingerprint sensor scrapped

However, Kuo States that Apple’s plans to include a fingerprint sensor within the iPhone 8 have been scrapped. This feature had been strongly linked with the device, but Kuo believes that Apple have abandoned plans for any fingerprint functionality in order to ensure that the device can be released on time.

This concession suggests that the iPhone 8 should hit the stores in September, despite previous reports which have indicated that there could be possible delays. Whispers from China even suggested that the iPhone 8 may not be released at all in 2017, yet this now seems wide of the mark based on the comments of this highly regarded analyst.

However, Kuo suggests that although Apple will reveal all three smartphones due for release in September, the iPhone 8 could be held back due to logistical challenges. This could see the next generation OLED handset hit the stores sometime around October, with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus likely to be made available in September as usual.

iPhone 7S updates

Aside from the new iPhone 8 features, Kuo also believe that Apple will release what he described as “iterative updates” to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will effectively be minor upgrades. Possibly we can anticipate some spec changes in devices likely to be branded as iPhone 7S units.

In order to support the facial recognition functionality, Apple will arm the iPhone 8 with an advanced front-facing camera, which will also support 3D scanning. It has been strongly tipped that there will be augmented reality features included in the iPhone 8 generation, and this now seems a racing certainty after the comments of Kuo.

Another of the iPhone 8 features that the Apple-following prognosticator predicted is the storage quantities Apple will include. These will differ somewhat from the iPhone 7 generation, with Apple apparently ready to scrap both the 32GB and 128GB versions of the smartphone. The premium model of the iPhone 8 will still feature 256GB of storage, but the entry-level unit will provide 64GB.

Although this will be more than competitive, it is unlikely that Apple will embrace the flexible micro SD technology in the iPhone 8 generation, as it doesn’t really fit into the ethos of the company.

USB-C coming

Kuo also believes that Apple will introduce USB-C power delivery circuits for faster charging. There was no specific mention of wireless charging from the Apple analyst, but it is widely anticipated that this will debut when the iPhone 8 is released. Reports have indicated that Apple is tinkering with an innovative new technology that will enable the smartphone to be charged wirelessly at a unique 15-feet distance that has never been possible previously. Whether or not this will come to fruition, though, remains to be seen.

While Apple has offered a huge amount of choice with its Apple Watch releases, Kuo suggests that this policy will not be followed with the iPhone 8. Color choices will be reduced in comparison to the iPhone 7, although the iPhone 7S and a iPhone 7S Plus will still retain more options for consumers in this area.

Finally, Kuo makes a prediction regarding the commercial success of the iPhone 8, indicating his belief that this smartphone generation will shift around 80 million units before the end of the calendar year. The Apple analyst believes that iPhone 8 stock will be responsible for around half of this figure, meaning that Apple can expect to sell 40 million during 2017.

This is probably the most credible information that has emerged on the iPhone 8 thus far, and we can therefore expect to see the final unit strongly resembling these predictions.

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