The Investment Masters Class – Some Stats

The Investment Masters Class – Some Stats

By Investment Master Class

“I decided also early on that I would file away any good quotes I came across in my reading and share them with my investor family at appropriate moments”  Ralph Wanger

Over the years I’ve collected thousands of quotes from the world most successful investors, both past and present. These quotes have come from investor interviews, videos, letters and lots of investment books.

Seth Klarman’s Foundation Invested In These Three Hedge Funds

Seth KlarmanMany well-known hedge fund managers are also philanthropists, and many of them have their own foundations. Seth Klarman of Baupost is one of those with his own foundation, and he invested in a handful of hedge funds through his foundation. This list of Klarman's favorite hedge funds is based on the Klarman Family Foundation's 990 Read More

I’ve arranged the quotes into various subjects that together form the basis of the ‘100 Tutorials‘ in the Investment Masters Class.

In total there are over 3,400 quotes which equates to an average of 34 quotes per topic.

Not surprisingly Warren Buffett tops my list of quotes, and Charlie Munger is in the Top 5.  Over the years, I’ve found there isn’t a lot that Warren and his partner Charlie Munger haven’t already worked out. The top 5 quoted investors are Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Howard Marks, Charlie Munger and Frank Martin.

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In terms of the Most Common categories of quotes I've collected, the Top Five topics are Education & Smarts, Thinking about Management, Investing Mistakes, Preserving Capital and Herds Crowds and Contrarians.

Investment Masters Class - Some Stats

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