Get Nintendo Switch Without A Pre-Order From WalMart, GameStop And Best Buy

Get Nintendo Switch Without A Pre-Order From WalMart, GameStop And Best Buy
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With not much longer to wait until the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch becomes available for all those who pre-ordered it. There’s some good news for those who for whatever reason didn’t manage to do so. Now, if that’s you, this means there’s still a possibility you can get the console/handheld hybrid on launch day, so read carefully!

Buying a Nintendo Switch

Now you shouldn’t take this as Gospel, but according to PolyGon, three of the biggest retailers for gaming wares in the USA will allow non-preorder sales of the console. Whi are these retailers? They are the grocery and all other things giant Walmart. As well as the gaming specific GameStop and the electronics retailer Best Buy. According to the reports, we’ve seen all three will allow you to walk in and purchase a Nintendo Switch without a pre-order.

As far as Walmart is concerned, if you have a 24/7 store nearby, it’s likely that it will have a midnight launch event happening. So, if you’re dead certain you want Nintendo’s latest gaming device, you should get yourself down there! However, there are a few things you need to do first.

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Nintendo Switch Buyers Guide

While it is possible that you could just walk up to a store, go in and purchase the console. It’s highly unlikely it’s going to be that simple, after all, you’re not the only one looking for the device! So, with that in mind here are some things you’re going to have to do/need before settings off.

Before you Leave Home
It may be obvious to you, but there will be some gung-ho types out there that will hear a rumor and act upon it without any thought. Imagine getting to your local store only to find it sold out, closed, or worse not selling none pre-order devices!

To avoid this scenario call around your local stores and enquire about opening times and stock availability. Now, if you hear the words “Yes you can purchase a Nintendo Switch without a Pre-order” that’s certainly good news. However, you should be prepared to get there early and take some precautions and provisions.

What you Should Consider

The following is not a definitive list of what you need or must do. However, some items do depend on local conditions and times of the day.

  • Whatever store you intend to purchase from, GET THERE EARLY. For example, if you plan on attending a midnight Walmart launch 4, 5, or even 6 hours early should get you a decent place in the queue.
  • Depending on the weather where you live/are traveling too, take suitable clothing
  • Fully charge your smartphone and other portable devices, and if you have one take a portable power supply.
  • Take some spare cash, you never know when this may come in handy
  • If you expect to be waiting in a long queue for hours. It would be a good idea to pack a few sandwiches, snacks, and drink to keep your self-fuelled
  • Inform your loved ones where you are going, and if a child ask your parents to accompany you

So, there you have it, it’s possible that even without a Pre-order you can get the Nintendo Switch on launch day. All you have to do now is plan ahead, and remember forewarned is forearmed, so contact the retailers first and then go and buy!

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