Pokemon Gen 2: More Than 80 New Pokemon Coming This Week

Pokemon Gen 2: More Than 80 New Pokemon Coming This Week
Image Source: Niantic / YouTube video (Screenshot)

The wait is almost over! Ever since Niantic released the first batch of baby Pokemon, fans had been waiting for the Gen 2 Pokemon from the Gold and Silver installments. A large number of fans had given up playing Pokemon Go due to the lack of major new features or significant updates. On Wednesday, Niantic confirmed that more than 80 Pokemon Gen 2 are coming to the game later this week.

Pokemon Gen 2 creatures to be discoverable in the wild

The developer said in a blog post that all the 80+ second generation creatures would be rolled out at once by the end of this week. These are “Johto” Pokemon from the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. They would be discoverable “in the wild” as soon as the update goes live. It means you will not have to hatch them from eggs. Some of the new creatures include Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile, Donphan, Hoothoot, Crobat, Marill, and Skarmory.

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It is arguably the biggest update for Pokemon Go since its release last year. Though the initial euphoria for the game has subsided, the latest update could reignite user interest and boost Niantic’s revenues. If you remember, Niantic was supposed to release 100 Gen 2 Pokemon. But now the company says “over 80” will be added. What happened to the other 20 or so monsters?

Why not 100 new Pokemon?

Well, eight of the remaining 20 are babies and they are already in the game. Of the remaining 12, six are Legendary/Mythic Pokemon. The developer is still trying to figure out a plan to roll out the Legendary Pokemon. The company may hold live events where these ultra-rare critters could be unveiled. Niantic might not have made the remaining six “discoverable in the wild” because they require evolution items.

Yes, the update includes new “evolution” items that would be needed to make some creatures evolve. According to TechCrunch, the evolution items would come from PokeStops. Niantic has also added two new types of berries: Nanab and Pinap. Nanab slows the Pokemon down, making it easier to hit. The second one doubles the amount of candy the user gets if their next catch attempt is a success.

Will the update be rolled out on Feb.18th?

There is a new “encounter gameplay,” though Niantic did not specify what it is. The update also has new customization options for trainers such as pants, shirts, and hats. Despite being the biggest update since launch, the Pokemon Gen 2 update is unlikely to spark the same interest as its initial launch.

Though Niantic did not reveal the date of the rollout, a photographed sign at a German mall a few days ago indicated that Pokemon Gen 2 would arrive on February 18th.

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