Why You Should Choose iPhone 7 Plus Over Google Pixel XL

iPhone 7 PlusImage Credit: Apple Inc.

The Google Pixel XL has received excellent reviews since it first appeared on the smartphone scene. But the Apple iPhone 7 Plus continues to clean up in the consumer marketplace. Surely there is some mistake? Isn’t the Pixel XL the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well, there are plenty of reasons to favor the Apple phablet over the Google device, so here are some of the reasons that customers continue to buy Apple.

Stereo speakers

There is no doubt that the sound system in the Pixel XL is pretty decent, but the overwhelming consensus is that the iPhone 7 Plus speakers are simply superior. The stereo system included in the iPhone 7 Plus has been compared to the BoomSound Hi-Fi of the HTC 10, providing the Apple phablet with an extra kick in this department. The bass speaker and tweet included in the iPhone 7 Plus ensures that music and sound quality produced by this smartphone are simply outstanding, enhancing music, video and games and resulting in many happy iPhone consumers.

Battery life

It is somewhat ironic that the iPhone 7 Plus considerably outperforms the Google Pixel XL in this area, considering that Apple has often been criticized for the relatively paltry battery life of its mobiles. In tests, the iPhone 7 Plus delivered over nine hours of battery life on a single charge, which is around 20 percent more than the Google Pixel XL was able to deliver. It is surprising that there is such gulf between the two, but this can perhaps be explained by the superior screen resolution in the Google device.

Nonetheless, not only does the iPhone 7 Plus deliver a superior battery life, but the iOS operating system does an excellent job at preventing battery percentages from slipping away while the phone is placed on standby. There is absolutely no doubt that the iPhone 7 Plus has a massive edge over the Google Pixel XL in this area.

Telephoto lens

The telephoto lens included in the iPhone 7 Plus has been particularly lauded by those utilizing the phablet for photography. This provides true 2x zoom, while the new Portrait Mode has also been extremely well-received. Furthermore, the telephoto lens also has the advantage of not being a wide-angle camera, meaning that it does a much better job of taking portrait photographs. This is a very nifty aspect of the iPhone 7 Plus, and quite simply one that is not included in the Google Pixel XL.


Apple made a big deal of the health-tracking capabilities of its product range in 2016, and among this was the inclusion of waterproofing in the iPhone 7 range. While the Pixel XL is pretty resilient in most respects, it is not actively water-resistant, or at least is not acknowledged as such by the manufacturer. The iPhone 7 is officially certified IP67 for water and dust-resistance, meaning that the phablet is simply more durable than its Google rival.

Apple support

While the Pixel XL will receive updates for at least two more years, with security updates lasting three years, the iPhone 7 Plus is guaranteed four years of software updates. This will ensure that the Apple phablet is functional until iOS 14 is released in 2020. On this basis, there is no doubt that the iPhone simply has a longer shelf life.

Google Pixel XL

Sheer speed

It has long been stated that the iPhone is the slickest portfolio available on the market, and the iPhone 7 range was no exception to this rule. The iPhone 7 Plus has scored extremely well in Geekbench tests, with its score of 172,644 simply leaving the opposition in its dust. The Google Pixel XL is a nifty smartphone, but it nonetheless completely fails to compete with Apple’s flagship in this department.

Better apps

Smartphones are ultimately all about software, and the app range available for the Apple iPhone series is obviously completely unequalled. The Google Play App Store is more than decent, but it would be nothing short of a delusional to suggest that it can compete on an even footing with the Apple App Store. Apple created strong ties with developers from day one, and this has ensured that the iPhone range is still the definitive smartphone series in the world. It is almost completely implausible, in fact, the Google will ever catch up Apple in this department.


While the Google Pixel XL is a pretty exciting device when first taken out of its box, over time it begins to slow down rather rapidly. There are various reasons for this, but what can be said in response is that Apple devices are notorious for retaining the same quality of performance over a staggering length of time. The MacBook series is particularly renowned for this quality, but it is almost equally applies to the iPhone 7 range as well.

When one invests in an iPhone, it is almost an absolute certainty that it will last almost indefinitely. The only time one needs to ditch the iPhone is when Apple ceases to support it with software. In some cases even this is not necessary, with plenty of people still using rather dated Apple hardware, simply because it works as well as it ever did.

Although Android has improved in recent years, the fact remains that it is still somewhat bloated compared to be beautifully simple and light weight iOS system, and this means that Android variants never run nor last quite as well as the iPhone.


Again, there is absolutely no doubt that the Apple operating system is far more secure than any other mobile OS. This is really not open to debate, and has been completely proven statistically. No system can ever be completely secure, but the Apple operating system is simply miles ahead of any competitor, and this continues to attract both business and consumer customers.

Proprietary software and hardware combination

Finally, the combination of proprietary software and hardware in the iPhone range is an absolute killer, providing terrific integration and outstanding performance.

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About the Author

Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

45 Comments on "Why You Should Choose iPhone 7 Plus Over Google Pixel XL"

  1. Where do you get your information? My pixel XL delivers between 7 and 8 hours on screen time depending what I am doing. I’d like to see that done on the iPhone! It also doesn’t slow down over time. The screen is so much better that the iPhone and the speed of the device is on par with the iPhone. Your review is full of misinformation.

  2. I wonder how much this author was paid by Apple to write this hunk of garbage.

  3. The thing that makes android phones so much more advanced can be summarized in two words. Charge speed. In 2017 you will be able to charge an android device almost 20 times faster

  4. This site is a f****** joke, and the author is an unabashed moron. I’ll be blocking it from my feed.

  5. Stereo speakers? You mean the second speaker grill that is connected to the first?
    And the telephoto lenses allowing for very shaky and blurred footage? Speaking of camera, the pixel destroys every phone out there in that department.
    And the app store was surpassed by play store a long time ago.
    that’s all I’m gonna comment because this laggy website is a pain to type on.

  6. Wtf is this awful “news” outlet and why did it pop up in my news feed? You guys are high or fishing for clicks?

  7. They called it the “Google Play App Store” & implied that the Pixel comes with bloat.

  8. It reads like a Donald Trump speech…

  9. Andres Hernandez | Jan 22, 2017, 12:14 pm at 12:14 pm |

    This is the first time I’ve ever read anything on Valuewalk – had never heard of this site before, but it came up in my technology feed.

    It’s unfortunate that it did… this is awful writing. They couldn’t have found someone who knows anything about technology to write a decent, unbiased article?

  10. Thanks for this funny write-up. I literally spat my cereal milk reading it. I thought the writer was serious at first. Then I read the parts about app availability, battery, and security, I knew I’ve been had. I carry several phones due to work needs. I have the 7+, the SE, the Pixel, the BlackBerry Classic, the S7 Edge, and use all of them throughout the week for app development purposes. I’m totally brand agnostic. Either the writer is uninformed or just tries to illicit comments. Either way, I had fun reading the piece.

  11. You could at least try to hide the fact Apple is sponsoring this article…
    Most of the points are non sense, subjective or biased.
    You could make a much better article “why you should choose Pixel over iPhone”. Because there are tons of better reasons to do so.

  12. I wouldn’t choose either of them. There’s better things out there than these 2

  13. This is the stupidest guy ever, what an apple shill,Apple pays well heard,so biased,,,better apps,lol.thats only the minor of my problems,,p.s. My phone 7+ got infected,I don’t even have the pixel ,my friend does,I use a s7.

  14. Are you paid by Apple or something. Complete absence of facts here, you numpty.

  15. Joshua Immanuel | Jan 22, 2017, 7:58 am at 7:58 am |

    Clearly an Apple fanboy. I’m blocking this site now for posting a bunch of BS…. Look at this line below.. begins to slow down rather rapidly?? I’ve had the Pixel since day one, hasn’t slowed down once. That’s why the Pixel is doing so well. The software is second to none. That line was nonsense and baseless which shows me immediately that were dealing with an Apple fanboy whoever wrote this article.

    “While the Google Pixel XL is a pretty exciting device when first taken out of its box, over time it begins to slow down rather rapidly.”

  16. Obviously reviewed by an apple sheep or apple employee. The iPhone doesn’t even look anything special, for a start you can’t even customise the screens and there’s the issuing being tied to iTunes. My opinion is the Huawei P9 Plus and up coming P10 probably best overall Android phones on the current market.

  17. IMO it’d be better to wait for the iPhone 8/7S. The 7 just improves the features of the past iPhones without offering anything new.

  18. Another tech mong blinded by Apple…..

  19. This article made me lol all the way through. It’s simple, compare the hardware, the OS, and how they work together. Pixel wins in literally every comparison. If you like being locked down to a device with no options other than what they give you, inferior hardware at the same cost as a Pixel, get an iPhone. If you like freedom, customizability, and superior hardware/software, get a Pixel.

    Remember boys and girls… Apple products are for basic bches and the elderly. (No offense to the elderly, but I understand that taking initiative to learn something new after the age of 55 just doesn’t happen).

    Oh, and Pixel’s have a headphone jack ?

  20. Funniest post I’ve read all day…lol…funny enough this post probably had some people nodding in approval…what a time to be alive… Except for retards

  21. I’m interested to know what Android devices you used and what version of Android you last used. No doubt, ios had Android beat for years. My experience with Android has only been with two devices. The first generation moto X which updated to Lollipop and the one I use now a LG G4 that runs Marshmallow. I’ve never really had any issues with them. But even if I did have problems, I’d deal with them since I prefer a more open OS over a locked down to the ground OS.

  22. Syed Najmul Hassan | Jan 22, 2017, 3:21 am at 3:21 am |

    Most of the points are baseless .. get some facts.
    You cant even compare play store with Apple app store.
    Battery last longer in pixel compare to iphone 7, even pixel have 15-18W charges gives you (50%)7 hour of charge in 15min.

  23. The author seems to be terribly misinformed or a die hard iPhone fan…

    Review was fine and both the phones as almost equal in features and performance…

    I couldn’t agree with the fact, Proprietary software and hardware combination doesn’t exist in Pixel XL… As it’s the Google phone that’s designed for the same… And also its the first serious competition to iPhone… Thus the comparison…

  24. The iPhone on no way wins in battery life lol. This is the most generic article ever. Pointless.

  25. I was an Android user for many years for those reasons and more. I simply don’t like Apple as a company. But, after so many phones locking-up and removing batteries and crashing apps and yada yada yada…I bought an iPhone. I love it. It just works. I also bought an iPad after my Galaxy tablet died. I love it too. The iTunes thing is a non-issue. I still miss my back button sometimes, but that’s about it. I’ve never once missed the freedoms to do what I want to do. I’m no fan boy, but I am a fan of spending my hard-earned money on a product that works.

  26. Stereo speakers: iPhone wins.

    Battery life: iPhone also wins here.

    Telephoto lens: Not mandatory, the Pixel has been known to leave the iPhone 7 in the dust when it comes to true to life and crisp photos, and has been given best camera on any smartphone by many sites.

    Waterproofing: iPhone wins.

    Apple support: Honestly who will keep their phone for over 2 years? Not mandatory.

    Sheer speed: Yes the iPhone 7 is better in this department but the Pixel doesn’t have any lag or glitches.

    Better apps: Not really, the app store is better than Google play, but only by a bit.

    Longevity: You can just factory reset your Pixel and it’s good as new. And btw the iPhone also slows down over time too.

    Security: Apple is a lot better here, but android is also very secure.

    Proprietary software and hardware combination: And that is the ONLY reason why the iPhone is faster than almost every phone on the market (the Galaxy s7 with nougat has been tested to be just below the iPhone 7 in speed tests and is faster with in house apps than the iPhone 7. That is extremely impressive considering the Galaxy s7 is around 7 months older than the iPhone 7)

    The Pixel is a lot better in almost every other aspect: Superior screen, a voice assistant far better than Siri, and many other things.

  27. Buy iPhone and then be force to install iTunes to get your things sorted, lose your freedoms to do things you want to do and not how apple wants you to do! Thanks but no thanks. Clearly an apple fan boy at work here.

  28. I have suggestions to Author and publisher, Change it’s title to “Degrading Google pixe” , they only done that

  29. So one sided. You have convinced yourself that its not but it is.

  30. You can’t use iPhone with Google Fi.

  31. I got to the part about apps and believe this article either made you a lot of money or it’s just terrible sarcasm. Android is an open source OS allowing people to make literally any apps they want. Apple has strict terms for the apps allowed on their devices. Most people who own iPhones even end up jailbreaking to give them an open source OS. And why omit the fact that Apple’s propriety charging port means you can no longer charge your phone and use wired headphones. To add insult to injury, the phone comes with wired headphones. Not even wireless to make up for the change.

  32. I’m not a fan of either of these devices , both are over priced to hll (I wouldn’t go near either ) ,

    after reading the article I would concede the Apple phone does win in some areas , but clearly this article reads like an advertisement for Apple .
    ” Pure Android is bloated ” , that’s one for the books.

  33. BS journalism. How can you even compare Pixel with iPhone? Pixel is way better than iPhone. No doubt iPhone is also a very good phone but overall Pixel is miles ahead of iPhone. Dear writer, please use Google Pixel once before making such false claims about Pixel.

  34. I call BS. My Android phone has an encrypted SD card which is part of the phone thanks to adoptive storage. Pixel has Android N, which has a much improved Doze feature effectively sleeping non-used apps to negate battery drain. Speakers and water resistance and benchmarks are accurate, but benchmarks aren’t relative to real world usage. Speed of the Pixel is excellent with no slowdowns at all. There are a plethora of customization options available for the Pixel that are not there for iPhone 7. That being said, I await the Pixel XL 2 and iPhone 8/7s release to see which one checks more of my boxes.

  35. OMG what a sit article, as the comments say below, do your research buddy.

  36. michael gibbons | Jan 21, 2017, 5:46 pm at 5:46 pm |

    Using both pixel xl and iPhone 7 I much prefer the pixel. But that is a personal opinion. Have to agree this article reads like an advertisement. Appalling and incorrect. Do your research before publishing…

  37. How much did they pay you for this article…I am using Pixel and I was using IPhone before…for Pixel, on average day battery lasts about 23-25 hoursand with their fast charging, it charges in almost 30 minutes..and android has way more apps in comparison to apple store..can you connect a USB to IPhone?and shelf life…Apple makes sure with their OS updates that you will not be able to use an IPhone for more than three years..Pixel is using on-sensor phase detection and laser-assistance instead of face recognition so you can have better quality pics…

  38. Don’t you know that sales numbers are always indicative of quality? Remember all the albums NSYNC sold? That meant they were the best!

  39. The battery comparison is pure bs. My standard pixel can go 24hr+ with normal use before it runs down all the way.

  40. I’m not sure I believe the part about battery life. I’ve had a Pixel XL for a couple of months now, and battery life is phenomenal. I use it all day, I only charge it when I go to bed, and I have NEVER needed it to charge it any other time. I’ve actually stopped carrying a USB battery pack, which was essential back when I had a Samsung phone.

    And about the paragraph on security, don’t you love it when someone says “it’s not even open to debate, it’s been proven” without providing any evidence or citations?

  41. Now that Apple is making their new iPhones with glass backing that is just one more thing you can break when it’s dropped and one more thing they can gouge you for to fix. I agree this article sounded like an iPhone commercial.

  42. Jesus Christ how much did Apple pay you for this article? Completely biased and uninformed.

  43. I doubt he has ever even used a Pixel for a day. And he certainly hasn’t kept an iPhone for more than two years / iOS updates. They run like garbage.

  44. How much did apple pay you for this article. This is 100% BS. If this guy new what he was talking about he would of said that they both of similar battery ability the pixel on standby not being used could go a week. It’s app store is actually bigger, camera has been scored better, display is faaar superior, google Support is available 24/7 built into the device, they get updates right away and no it will last far longer if you look at past Nexus phones they have a 4-5 year shelf life. I could go on, do not right articles if you do not know what you are talking about.

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