Secret For iOS 10 iMessage: Send Self-Destructing Messages To Your Friends

With the iOS 10, Apple has fully transformed its messaging service iMessage with third-party app extensions, stickers and games to enhance the experience. Much of this is fun and goofy stuff, but there are some useful tools on the iMessage App Store as well. If you ever wanted to send secret messages to your friends or colleagues that self-destruct once the other person has seen it, you can now do it directly from the messaging app.

A Snapchat-like app within iMessage

Secret for iMessage, a free app, brings the feature Snapchat is known for to Apple’s mobile messaging app. You can control how long each photo, video, or text message appears before vanishing. You can also choose how many times the viewer can see your message. The app’s developer Koder Inc. explains that users can retract messages even after they have been sent to someone.

If your recipient doesn’t have the iOS 10 yet, or is on Android, they can still view your messages by clicking a secret link in the message. Koder Inc founder Elmer Morales told us that the app doesn’t require you to register or login, so you can use it anonymously. Secret for iMessage is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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iMessage takes on popular messaging apps

With the revamped iMessage, Apple is taking on the likes of Snapchat, WeChat, and Slack. The messaging app has an “invisible ink” feature that keeps your photos and text invisible until the recipient swipes a finger across the screen. The Digital Touch feature allows users to send heartbeats, vibration taps, and sketches scribbled with a finger. These may be just decorated communication, but it encourages users to engage with the app more frequently.

The third-party apps are invoked natively in iMessage. It means these apps have the same OS-level capabilities as the apps sitting on your home screen.