PlayStation Neo vs. Nintendo NX – Comparison

PlayStation Neo vs. Nintendo NX – Comparison

As the rumored launch dates of both the PlayStation Neo and the Nintendo NX inch ever closer, it’s going to be fun pitting what is publicly known about their specs against each other. While better specs don’t always mean that a particular device will do better, it is interesting to see how they compare.

PlayStation Neo Vs Nintendo NX

Graphics and resolution

PlayStation Neo: With the PlayStation Neo, Sony has said that it will focus on delivering 4K content. However, this is unlikely to be native 4K and instead is more likely to be lower resolution content upscaled to Ultra HD. However, the extra power that will be delivered by the Neo will allow for an improved gaming experience compared to those who game at 1080p, offering more stable frame rates and superior graphics.

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Nintendo NX: Nintendo’s next console has been rumored about for some time. However, it was only relatively recently that rumors about its specifications began to appear online.

With the Nintendo NX being a hybrid mobile/console, it is not expected to compete with the PlayStation Neo in resolution, but it is targeting an entirely different section of the gaming market. The NX is not expected to offer the ability to watch or play 4K content; instead Nintendo will likely settle for affordable 1080p gaming.


PlayStation Neo: Compared to the original PS4, the Neo has had some tweaks made to its CPU and GPU, which has left many Sony gaming fans rather underwhelmed. However, I feel the GPU is something potential owners should be getting excited about because in a recent test conducted by DigitalFoundary, its performance was found to have doubled in some games at 1080p, and with 4K, nearly 30fps was reached.

However, with 1080p being the minimum output publishers are targeting with the PlayStation Neo, gamers should begin to see more “triple A” titles than ever before.

Nintendo NX: While the PS4 Neo will be busy battling it out with the Xbox One S for shelf space, the Nintendo NX will, unfortunately, be an outsider because it will likely carry a mobile chip from NVIDIA. Yes, the mobile chip is the most powerful on the market, being the Tegra X1, but the fact that it has to balance power consumption with performance does nothing but hold it back.

However, it is possible that Nintendo, with the help of NVIDIA, could beef up the CPU power prior to the console/mobile hybrid’s launch next March.

PlayStation Neo vs. Nintendo NX - Comparison
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PlayStation Neo: Sony has yet to reveal any pictures of the Neo, and as such, it is difficult to talk about design. However, it is certain that while the console is not considered to be “next generation,” it will have unique differences when compared to its predecessor. Sony, for example, is not frightened of giving its consoles complete facelifts, and I at least expect the PlayStation Neo to be much slimmer than the original PS4.

Nintendo NX: Possibly the strongest feature of the NX is its design. Current rumors suggest that the device can be handheld or plugged into a television via some kind of yet-unknown docking station. There’s also talk of it having two detachable controllers that may also be modular, allowing for the picking and choosing of buttons, d-pads and other feature placements.

Virtual reality

PlayStation Neo: While the first PlayStation 4 console could handle 4K, it was woefully ill-prepared to deal with what Sony thinks will be a VR gaming future. That is why Sony decided to introduce the Neo with its slightly tweaked specifications.

Many believed that before the announcement of the Neo, original PS4 owners might have needed a second box to power any future use of the PlayStation VR headset. However, this rumor has now subsided due to the known specifications of the Neo. Will the Neo come bundled with the PlayStation VR device? I doubt we will see this when the console is launched, but it could be a reality in, say, October.

Nintendo NX: Until a couple of days ago, there was absolutely no talk of the Nintendo NX having any VR capability at all. However, at a recent shareholder meeting which was attended by Twitter user NStyles, video game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto touched on the subject and admitted that Nintendo was indeed researching the possibility of including VR capabilities in the Nintendo NX. However, he apparently suggested that there could be possible health concerns that would prevent this from occurring.

Price and launch date

PlayStation Neo: If you missed the news last week. Sony revealed that the PlayStation Neo will launch on September 7 (21 days from today), and more surprisingly, that is the same day as the rumored iPhone 7 announcement. It’s going to be a busy day!

It is believed that about $350 will get you the console, but we haven’t heard anything about bundles.

Nintendo NX: Nothing has been etched in stone here, so all I have to go on is a rumor. It’s been suggested that the launch date of the NX will be sometime in March, but as of yet, there is no specific date.

Moving onto the price, it seems Nintendo has learned from its past mistake of pricing consoles too high and this time will go with a much more value-based product. Again, this is only a rumor, but a price somewhere between $250 and $350 has been suggested.

Final thoughts

So, which is the better console? Personally, I think the answer will depend on what you want from your gaming experience as each device offers something unique compared to the other.

Obviously, if it is raw gaming power with great visuals and masses of storage, the PlayStation Neo is for you. However, if you want something a little more portable that gives you more options and the ability to customize your gaming experience, you should go with the Nintendo NX.

With all that said, I believe VR is the actual future of gaming and as such, I would choose the PlayStation Neo and its slightly later-to-be-released companion the PlayStation VR.

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