Diamond-encrusted iPhone 7: You Can Preorder Now

Don’t want to buy that cheap iPhone 7 for $600-$1000 when it is released next month? Los Angeles-based luxury accessories maker Brikk may have an ultra-lux iPhone 7 that suits your budget. Brikk has started taking pre-orders for its custom iPhone 7 in large diamonds, small diamonds, pink gold, yellow gold, and other options. The most affordable of them will set you back by $4,295.

‘The most opulent iPhone the world has ever seen’

If you want the most expensive one – the Bespoke Collection Imperial models – you have to shell out as much as $1.3 million. Brikk head designer Cyrus Blacksmith will design a fully customized iPhone 7 for you. It includes up to 60 carats of diamonds. In total, there will be 120 different scratch-resistant color options. Brikk hailed its upcoming lux device as “the most opulent iPhone the world has ever seen.”

iPhone 7 Brikk
Image Credit: Brikk

Besides the Bespoke collection, there are Standard and Deluxe collections. The Standard collection includes ten different color options with a variety of diamond logo choices. The Deluxe collection includes 950 platinum, 18-carat pink gold, and 24-carat yellow gold options with Heptagon-shaped engravings and French enamel accents.

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Brikk says its technicians will disassemble, hand-polish, and prepare each iPhone before plating it with five layers of different metals and two layers of yellow gold, pink gold, or platinum. All the precious metals are certified using X-ray and laser testing equipment. Finally, the iPhone is reassembled and packed in a Zero Halliburton case with a carbon fiber and suede leather interior.

Brikk to start shipping custom iPhone 7 in mid-October

All phones are shipped with Brikk’s sapphire glass screen protector and a diamond-embedded certificate of authenticity. Each ultra-lux iPhone 7 comes with a one-year warranty. Brikk will start shipping the customized iPhone 7 in mid-October. If you are interested in pre-ordering, you have to pay 10% upfront deposit. Apple is expected to release the next iPhone on September 16.

Even though Apple has not confirmed anything about the iPhone 7, Brikk is advertising features like an A10 processor, 3GB RAM, 256GB of internal storage, and a dual camera.