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Play Pokemon GO In Landscape Mode With This Guide

Pokemon GO has quickly become a ubiquitous part of life in those countries where smartphone ownership is normal.

The success of the augmented reality smartphone game has enthralled some, and appalled others. Whether you love it or hate it, it is likely that you will come across some mention of the game as you go about your day.

Cheat guide to playing Pokemon GO in landscape view

Interestingly the game cannot be played with your phone in landscape mode. This is curious seeing as you need to use the in-game map to move around, and a widescreen view would definitely make the user experience better.

Now it looks as though there is a way to bring landscape view to your Pokemon GO if you have an iOS device. If you follow these simple steps you should be able to make the game change orientation.

First off you need to open Pokemon GO and turn your iPhone into landscape mode. It needs to stay this way up for the whole time.

Now tap the Poke Ball icon found at the bottom of the screen and tap the Settings button in the corner. Scroll down the settings menu and hit “Report High-Priority Issue.”

Bug could improve gameplay

Hit “Yes” when the prompt asks you if you are sure. The Apple web browser Safari will now open to load the Pokemon website, kicking you out of the Pokemon GO app, but we don’t need Safari so hit the home button.

Now when you open Pokemon GO again you will find it in landscape mode. Hopefully your new wide angle view will help you catch all of the Pokemon you’ve been trailing around after.

This guide only currently works for iOS users and no methods have been discovered which do a similar thing for Android phones. The lack of landscape mode does not seem to have discouraged players so far, and it looks like a bonus feature rather than an essential for most players.

Pokemon GO does not look like it’s going anywhere soon, although Nintendo has revealed that the game’s incredible popularity has not been translated into commercial success.