Nintendo NX Specs, Games, And Other Rumors

Nintendo NX Specs, Games, And Other Rumors
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First announced by Nintendo back in March 2015 its Nintendo NX is quickly becoming one of the most talked about consoles for years, but there’s a problem… No one knows much about it even though its been more than a year since that initial announcement. What I know about it, is that it’s been penned in for a March 2017 launch. Apart from that, Nintendo has been able to do what most other big tech companies have not been able to do, keep a lid on any leaks!

So here I go, I’m going to tell you everything I can about the so called Nintendo NX…

Is the Nintendo NX just a Codename?

The letters NX are those given officially to this new consoles hardware, so like all good journalists do, we put the manufacturers name to the hardware name and come up with Nintendo NX. As for its true name no one knows, well outside of Nintendo that is?

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However, there is some previous we can go on, to assume that the NX will not stay. As previous Nintendo consoles such as the Wii had the codename of Revolution and the Gamecube had Dolphin, and as history taught us neither of those devices kept their codenames.

A Dedicated Gaming Console

Since it was first announced Nintendo has constantly refereed to the NX as a dedicated gaming machine. However, it came to light that Nintendo had filed a patent related to the Nintendo NX in February 2015, which suggested that the console could be launched without an optical drive. This has led to speculation as to whether the Nintendo NX will rely on purely downloadable content, or it could mean that Nintendo intends to move back to a cartridge system.

The Legend of Zelda

As a dedicated gaming machine you would expect the Nintendo NX to be a machine that can take on the big boys Sony and Microsoft in this next gen console battle. However, if the Wii U is anything to go by it was clear from the start that Nintendo wanted to differentiate itself away from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As for games for the NX, I know for sure that the Legend of Zelda will make an appearance on this new console and the Wii U in March 2017. As for other games in a recent article Square Enix said it was working on Dragon Quest 10 and 11 for the Nintendo NX and that these games could be the first to launch on the new console.

Other games which are rumored to be in development are from Bandai Namco, it is reportedly getting ready to develop several NX games. One of which could include Super Smash Bros.

Virtual Reality Ready

According to rumors coming from the, Nintendo has is expected to face delays in the production of the Nintendo NX and as such has decided to scale back the production of the console from 20-million units to 10-million. So rumors are suggesting that this slow down in production could be because Nintendo has decided to make the console virtual reality ready. However, this could just be misinformation and again no one knows the real truth.

Final Thoughts

With the serious lack of information around about the NX console it’s understandable that some Nintendo fans and blogger’s are getting a little tetchy on the subject. And as long as the NX remains shrouded in mystery and misinformation I doubt anything will change. Having said that, E3 is just under 2 weeks away on the 14th with press conferences starting on the 12th. So all we can do is wait and see if Nintendo has any big announcements to make.

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