Galaxy Note 7 Leak: Good Or Bad News?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
1399156 / Pixabay

Sometime during this August, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 7 and then go on to launch it in a few different markets across the world. Previous rumors have suggested that the Galaxy Note 7 will be launched in two different and distinct variations. One with a curved display and the other with a standard flat display. However, a new report has suggested that Samsung may surprise the market and not release the customary flat version at all. Instead opting for only one version of the Galaxy Note 7 this summer.

Galaxy Note 7 Rumors

In a move that would take some serious design cues straight from its S-series of handsets, Samsung is rumored to be about to give the Note Phablet its own curves. These curves will appear down both sides of the handset, just as they do on the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge.

5.8-Inch Display

As well as getting its own dual curved display the Galaxy S7 Edge is apparently going to be even larger than its predecessors at 5.8-inches. Apparently, this size display has caused Samsung some issues surround the S-Pen. According to rumors, getting it to work correctly with an enlarged curved display was not the only problem, however, these problems have only been hinted at, nothing concrete has been provided.


Moving on to the specifications of that huge 5.8-inch display, it looks as though Samsung is taking some cues again from the S7. This time, it is with the inclusion of a Super AMOLED viewer with remarkable QHD resolution, which will provide some rich and super sharp video and gaming experiences.

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The Power House

The Exynos chipset has been around for some time now and gone through a number of iterations, however, with the Galaxy Note 7 Edge it will be paired with 6GB of RAM. Again this follows in the same path as the Galaxy S7. However, to cope with this the Note 7 will get a much larger battery probably somewhere around 4,000mAh.

Unpacked New York Event

The Korea Herald recently reported that the Galaxy Note 7 Edge and its new curvaceous design will be launched this August at Samsungs Yearly Unpacked event (No surprise there then). It is also being suggested that Samsung could launch an RIO Olympics-themed model, but no sources have been quoted or further information has been provided on this.

What the Galaxy Note 7 Edge Looks Like

If you’re a fan of YouTube and its army of smartphone designers, you may be interested to know about a new video from Technofiurations, which shows what they think the Galaxy Note 6 Edge may look like.

You will notice that this is a 3D render and is based on earlier rumors and leaks that have talked about what could have been the handset’s design. You will also notice that the phone is much larger than the Galaxy S7 Edge even though it shares some design similarities. One good thing about the video above is that it lists all of the rumored specs for the handset, which is interesting to see, due to the fact that they are always changing.