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Steve Cohen “Blown Away” By Lack Of Talent At Hedge Funds [VIDEO]

Some really good snarky humor on this first the background – Steve Cohen “Blown Away” By Lack Of Talent At Hedge Funds [VIDEO]




Ilana D. Weinstein, Founder and CEO, The IDW Group LLC



Cliff Asness, Co-Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer, AQR Capital Management
Neil Chriss, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Hutchin Hill Capital
Steven Cohen, Chairman and CEO, Point72 Asset Management; Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation
With almost $3 trillion in assets — and the freedom to invest opportunistically worldwide — hedge funds have become one of the most important market-moving forces of the last few decades. This panel brings together leading founders of hedge funds and asset managers for a conversation about the evolution of the industry. Some of the questions that will be addressed: With more hedge funds than ever before, how can a manager generate meaningful returns? Are fee structures likely to change significantly with increasing pressure from institutional clients? In this highly personality-driven business, how does the role of a founder change as a fund grows — and can a fund succeed the person who created it?
Now the snark followed by the video.