Tesla Controls Offered By Third-Party Developer

Given its open API tools, this is certainly not the first third-party app used to control the Tesla Model S. Norwegian developer, Uppercase, is responsible for this new smartphone app that can schedule and control the Tesla Model S from either a device running iOS or Android.

Tesla’s app does a very similar job

Perhaps the most popular third-party app for the Model S control is “Remote S for Tesla,” which was designed to allow control of the Model S by employing both Siri and the Apple Watch. While Tesla’s own apps will give you the opportunity to control and monitor the car, for the most part this needs to be in real-time.

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The “Tesla CTRL” app allows for the advanced programming of the car’s functions which Elon Musk‘s company doesn’t necessarily allow for. It’s likely surplus to requirements but for those that go to work each day at the same time, are reasonably anal, or simply enjoy technology, it’s certainly not the worst app on the market and could prove helpful to some people.

Living in hot/cold climates, I can certainly see the benefits that this might hold as you program your Tesla to get to your preferred temperature in advanced based on your schedule. If there is something that you heard about that will be on the radio at a specific time, the new app will allow you to pre-tune the radio for that hour to ensure that you don’t miss the aforementioned show.

The website where Uppercase explains the app is a little spartan but this is what the company is offering..


Save time and thought by automating your regular routines. Going to work every day at around the same time? Set the routine, and the car will be ready according to your specifications.


You can access all your car controls via Tesla CTRL. Car status, battery, charging, climate control, lock/unlock, valet mode, remote start, horn control and more – all within a customizable dashboard layout.


The CTRL app allows you to set alerts for any event. Did you give wifey or hubby your Tesla key? Be notified when they exceed the speed limit or when they arrive home.

The app itself is presently in closed beta but it’s easy to signup for in either operating system.

I don’t have a Tesla to test the app, so please don’t take my word for whether everything works as advertised.