Microsoft to Showcase HoloLens at New York Studio

Microsoft Corporation is opening a studio to showcase its new HoloLens headset for inserting holograms into real-world settings. The studio is at the company’s flagship retail store at the Fifth Avenue in New York.

According to Microsoft, it was encouraged to open a studio because of the positive feedback and participation across the board during its HoloLens roadshow.

Microsoft enjoys overwhelming reception for HoloLens

Microsoft still has a long list of developers hoping to get hands-on time with the device. In the New York Metropolitan alone, hundreds of developers are on the wait list.

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“It’s because of this overwhelming reception that we’re eager to open the first ongoing HoloLens experience showcase for developers at the Microsoft Flagship Store in New York,” according to the HoloLens team.

According to Microsoft, software developers observe a hands-on demonstration of the device, and they will have an opportunity to experience HoloLens first hand. They will see how the device allows new ways for people to communicate, create, work, and play.

Microsoft had a traveling exhibit for HoloLens in 11 cities. The company said all slots were booked within 90 minutes. The studio in New York was designed to provide HoloLens demos over the long-terms.

Developers will experience the world’s first untethered holographic computer

Developers will be able to experience the world’s fully untethered holographic computes computer, powered by Windows 10.

Some of the presentations in the studio include a game that allows developers to shoot a hologram, alien robot in front of them. The company also showcases how hologram provides more insights regarding the features of a product to potential customers. Microsoft uses a luxury watch as an example in the studio.

Additionally, there is a demo highlighting the editing and graphical capabilities of HoloLens. Interested developers who want to see and experience the HoloLens are required to make an appointment at the company’s website.The company will start selling the Hololens Development Edition for $3,000. The company will start shipping the device in the first quarter of 2016. The company also encourages developers to share their ideas on what they want to build for HoloLens.