Tesla pre-owned cars for sale at its new California showroom

Tesla pre-owned cars for sale at its new California showroom
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Whether Tesla Motors’ CPO (certified pre-owned) vehicles are available at stores or not is a question many have been asking. Though several news organizations previously reported that the electric car maker had opened a new store and service center in Southern California for both new and preowned Tesla Model S sedans, a new Business Finance News article makes it clearer.

Same showroom for users seeking new and pre-owned cars

Tesla named its retail centers Stores & Galleries, which in the past gave buyers the option to test-drive a new Tesla before placing an order at the store. For customers interested in a certified preowned Tesla car, the only option was to request a test drive and place an order through the company’s CPO website

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But now, the showroom located at Buena Park Auto Center, California offers the same perks to consumers buying a used Tesla as offered to buyers of a new vehicle. This store, which spreads over an area of 23,000 square feet, is for both new and used vehicles, and anyone interested in buying a CPO Model S can directly purchase it.

On the opening day of the new facility, there were 36 CPO models at the showroom, says the report. And, going forward, all Tesla trade-ins in Orange County will be made available at the new California store.

No need to visit Tesla CPO site now

Tesla launched its CPO website in late April. The site notes that all the preowned Model S sedans come with a limited warranty of four years or 50,000 miles, whichever happens earlier. Tesla makes available a full inspection, the remaining battery and drive warranty, and 24-hour roadside assistance to every preowned Model S. The site allows car shoppers to search for vehicles by market area and color. They can also mention the particular type of Model S they are looking for in the market. The choices include the 60 kilowatt-hours, 85 kilowatt-hours and the 85 kilowatt-hour Performance Model S.

Interested shoppers in Orange County can now check the trade-in certified models in their area and make purchases directly from the new store.

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