Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Launches With Favorable Reviews

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Launches With Favorable Reviews
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Software giant Microsoft launched its new flagship operating system Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29th. This was Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp.’s first new operating system in three years, and has been designed to work across laptops, desktop and smartphones.

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Technology analysts note that this new “all-everything” OS was a big deal for the firm following the disastrous public response to Windows 8, which confused many users by getting rid the start button menu and introducing a totally new layout. Moreover, the initial reviews of Windows 10 from both reviewers and users seems to be largely positive.

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Reviewers highlight that Windows 10 includes a slew of brand new features, including an efficient new digital assistant Cortana and a brand new browser named Edge (see you later Internet Explorer!). The Start Menu also reappears with the new OS.

Of note, Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for current users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

New features in Microsoft Windows 10

The new operating system from Microsoft has been a long time coming, but according to most sources, they got it right this time. Windows 10 introduces quite a few new features, including:

New Microsoft Edge browser

Although Internet Explorer is still a part of the system for legacy users, Windows 10 includes Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge, which is a huge improvement on IE in almost every way, and even lets you write notes on a webpage and easily share content with friends.

New digital assistant Cortana

With Microsoft’s new voice-activated digital assistant Cortana, now you can quickly find that expense report from last August or it can help you search for something on the Internet. According to some reviewers, Cortana is not up to Siri’s standards of usefulness yet, but tech experts say that is to be expected, and Cortana will very likely make notable improvements in future upgrades.

Xbox streaming

With Windows 10, no separate TV screen is needed for Xbox streaming, which lets gamers stream from the device to any PC or laptop running the OS.

Snap screens

Windows 10 also makes it possible for users to snap four apps onto one screen, making all kinds of work much easier, and increasing productivity.

Mobile-first, cloud-first ecosystem

Keep in mind that Microsoft designed this OS for a mobile-first, cloud-first ecosystem. When apps from the Windows store are opened in Windows 10, they run just like desktop apps in their own window. That way they can be minimized, maximized, moved around or closed with one simple click.

Multiple desktops

The new OS also allows users to create separate desktops. This means you can now have a separate desktop for every project.

This feature will not only make it easier to focus on getting work done, it will avoid the time wastage of trying to find a file or app in a crowded desktop..

Task View

Microsoft also made it easy to organize and use your desktops with a new Task View feature.

Windows 10 has a new button called “Task View” that permits users to rapidly switch between open files and new desktops they have created, notably improving both efficiency and productivity.

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  1. It isn’t that good, I think windows 8.1 is better further I stll had to install a third party start manager to make sense of it. If your eye sight isn’t very good than the new desktop fonts and style are not helpful. I am seriously thinking of return to windows 7! I cannot understand Microsoft obstinacy with keeping with a start menu concept that nobody is happy with, This is not an improvement on 8.1

  2. Then why bother and stress over this if you’re happy with Windows 7? There’s no point in lamenting over them trying to convince you otherwise. No one is “forcing” you to move to Windows 10. Millions of people are going to be using Windows 7 for a long time to come. You seem to be getting angry at positive press for Windows 10 for unknown reasons when it doesn’t affect your decision to stick with Windows 7.

  3. I do get what you mean, they do seem to be trying, but then that is like most of them, Google and Apple aren’t angels here either.

    I honestly don’t know if it can be turned off completely. I haven’t tried. I know how you feel about metro/modern UI in Windows 8, I hid those right off the bat. So far in 10 they’re actually not bad. I think you could just remove everything from it which in effect would turn it off. Though I am treating it as a kinda extension to pinning to my task bar, a short cut area. It does work for that.

    I can assure you the modern UI type elements in W10 are no where near the level of aggravating that W8 was and I think I’ll actually like having it this time. It is certainly nice to have the start menu back. :)

  4. I’m not anti MS..but I’m not pro MS either. I’m using 7 right this moment. I’ve just seen how they work over the years and my eyes are wide open to all their shenanigans. They still have this notion that they must dominate every aspect of computing by hook or by crook, and be into everyone’s pocket. We’ve seen their successes, and we’ve all seen their failures too…Am I suspicious of every move MS makes? You betcha! I’m not falling for their bullet points anymore, and I’m not going to fall for the #Windows10 media frenzy they try to create.

    Here’s a direct question:
    Can I turn off that silly live tiles metro junk in the start menu and just have a “normal” start menu? Metro has been a good example of the tail wagging the dog since they thought of it..and they still can’t seem to let it go.

  5. Great so far… If you are jumping from Windows 8/8.1 you won’t be too confused. If you’re leaping from Windows 7 then you’re probably ready for a change and you’ll be pleased, too.

    Of course it takes getting used to. Things have moved and been removed. But with a little effort you’ll soon learn to like what you see.

    I installed 10 on a pretty old laptop and after a few reboots and updates it’s working as it should do. It’s smoother and seemingly faster that Windows 7.

    For the first time I’m actually thinking I WON’T have to download heaps of third party utilities to get it looking and working right.

    Loving Cortana. First thing I said was “Wake me up in ten minutes.” And it set an alarm and did just that… no fuss, no bother! Great fun… so much fun, I didn’t sleep at all!

    I understand people who say they are going to wait. Why not – you’ve got a year. But for those that leap into the mud now, it’s plain sailing. Microdeaf have come up with something good.

  6. I have used some of the test releases and now the final release and my initial impressions are VERY good. The general feel is very Windows 7 but with many notable improvements. I won’t go into those right now but I would recommend taking a good look.

    As to VM, just install a legit copy of 7 or 8 and install W10 after. Can’t see any issue with that.

    Most of their extras that you seem to against, the majority can be turned off hidden or replaced. You do seem a little overly anti MS? GL

  7. MS literally pays for favorable reviews. I’ll wait to see what the real public reaction is, not the fake reaction that MS is concocting. This article is exactly the same as the NBC article I read this morning, so the media is just telling you what MS told them to tell you. MS wants to lure you into micro-transactions and app purchases with it’s integrated Windows App Store and “new” browser. They want to try to push their phones still with the “metro” interface that won’t die. They want to push their console system. Free windows 10 is just a way for them to force more sales pitches down your throat for their array of MS services based on other services that other people are already better at.

    I’m sticking with windows 7 until MS gives me a 100% free no strings attached copy of windows 10 that i can install as a virtual machine and test thoroughly myself.

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