iPhone 6S To Have Faster LTE, Longer Battery Life

iPhone 6S To Have Faster LTE, Longer Battery Life
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As preparations continue at Apple for the release of the iPhone 6s, more new information has emerged regarding what we can expect from this smartphone. 9to5Mac reports that the LTE speeds of the next iPhone will be significantly improved over previous models, and this will be excellent news for all Apple fans hoping for an outstanding iPhone experience next time out.

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The importance of LTE

Before discussing this any further, it is probably necessary to give some explanation regarding what LTE represents. The acronym is an abbreviation for Long-Term Evolution, and it essentially deals with standards of wireless communication. The current 4G LTE delivers high-speed data for smartphones, tablets and other mobile data terminals, and has been able to deliver more sophisticated mobile content than its 3G predecessor.

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Although differing LTE frequencies and bands are used in different countries, the fact that Apple is increasing the LTE capabilities of the iPhone 6s suggest that Western consumers in particular will benefit from improved performance when the smartphone is released. It is worth mentioning that although Apple may include this technology in the iPhone 6s, it may not be reflected in improved speed and efficiency in every nation on the planet. Support for the LTE technology will be essential, but consumers in North America and Europe should be able to rely on improved LTE performance.

According to the report from the Apple following publication, the consumer electronics giant intends to include a new Qualcomm LTE modem in the next iPhone. Qualcomm will be relieved for the support that Apple continues to offer its products, considering that Samsung has recently moved away from Qualcomm processors and chipsets.

iPhone 6s to double download speeds

This new modem is practically capable of delivering speeds that are double those delivered by the iPhone 6, with upload speeds potentially increasing from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps with the iPhone 6s. This will be a mouthwatering prospect for fans of the Apple smartphone series, as the sort of download speeds being talked about would undoubtedly make utilizing the iPhone 6s a considerably slicker experience.

Although the 4g mobile wireless standard has been in place for some time, there is still a feeling among critics that mobile devices have yet to tap into its capabilities. When the initial transition from 3g to 4g was made, it was understandable that it would take some time for both technology manufacturers and carriers to deliver the full potential of this new wireless standard. But download speeds remain somewhat sluggish considered to what was promised and indeed expected.

However, although Apple seemingly intends to significantly improve LTE speeds, this cannot happen without appropriate support from carriers. As mentioned previously, it is extremely unlikely that most countries in the world will be able to deliver 300 Mbps downloads, and even Western consumers might find themselves disappointed. One only has to consider the gulf between what is promised from broadband by ISPs, and the reality of what the technology often delivers.

Improved LTE speeds in the iPhone 6s will be dependent on initiating LTE Advanced. This is already available in some areas, and is notably a standard wireless offering in South Korea. Support has now been put in place in some major US cities, such as New York and San Francisco, but at present this is certainly not a widespread service.

And even if LTE Advanced technology is in place, it is certainly not guaranteed to match the theoretical capabilities of the iPhone 6s. The LTE standard that the chipset included in the iPhone 6s supports will not necessarily be supported by the existing wireless infrastructure, so the sort of speeds that Apple will boast about may not ever be possible for the majority of users.

iPhone 6s LTE promises faster service

Nonetheless, if this all sounds a bit disappointing prepared to the excitement of Apple doubling its LTE speed, it is worth emphasizing that the technology will still make wireless services faster. 100% speed increases will not be delivered for the overwhelming majority of users, but most people should at least experience some improvement in service.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that existing smartphones, including some of the Samsung Galaxy range, already include theoretical support for faster downloading speeds. So the inclusion of improved LTE by Apple might incite the industry to move towards the faster download speed as standard more rapidly than otherwise would have been expected.

The decision of Apple to switch to this new LTE modem also carries other benefits. It is reportedly more power efficient, which could assist with battery life. Despite the fact that the iPhone 6s is not expected to feature any significant design changes, it still promises to deliver a raft of improvements to the iPhone service that will make it a more attractive device for consumers.

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