Galaxy Note 5 To Take Mobile Security To A Whole New Level

Galaxy Note 5 To Take Mobile Security To A Whole New Level
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While the rumor mill has revealed almost all the details of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5 phablet, the Korean electronics giant hasn’t officially confirmed anything. Now a Samsung partner offers a sneak peek into the security features of Galaxy Note 5. Oberthur Technologies CEO Didier Lamouche told the Korea Herald on Thursday that the new mobile will take security to a whole new level.

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Galaxy Note 5 security software will be more efficient

The French mobile security firm has provided security software for Samsung’s flagship devices such as the Galaxy Note 4, S5, S6 and S6 Edge. Oberthur Technologies is the Korean giant’s first European partner to provide security solutions for Samsung Pay. The French company’s upcoming security software that will be installed in the Galaxy Note 5 will be faster and more efficient than those in the previous models.

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Lamouche said his company’s security software will be directly linked to the Note 5’s processor, creating a much faster link between the processor and the embedded security software. The French company will also beef up security of fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy Note 5, encouraging its use. Oberthur Technologies is currently in talks with 3-4 major European banks to implement its system.

Galaxy Note 5 arriving next month

Close partnerships between the device makers, security solutions providers, and banks in the region is necessary for mobile payment services to be widely adopted, said Lamouche. Samsung has doubled down on security features in recent years to gain traction in the enterprise sector. Korean media reported earlier this week that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy Note 5 on August 13 in New York.

Galaxy Note 5 would borrow design elements from the Galaxy S6. The device will reportedly sport a 5.67-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, an improved Exynos 7422 processor, and 4,100mAh battery. Though there were rumors that the Note 5 will not offer expandable storage, user-agent profile of the Sprint version Galaxy Note 5 suggests that the device will offer expandable storage of up to 128GB via microSDXC cards.


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