Apple Watch Motivating Early Adopters For Healthy Lifestyle

Apple Watch Motivating Early Adopters For Healthy Lifestyle

The Apple Watch is just about four months old, and already early adopters are finding the watch helpful in motivating them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, finds market research firm Wristly. The research firm found that most Apple Watch owners are finding ways such as walking, exercising and playing sports to offer the maximum advantage of the health and fitness features available in the Apple Watch.

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Owners “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with health features

In a survey of over 1,000 Apple Watch owners, Wristly found that more than 75% of the owners “strongly agree” or “agree” that they have been standing more since getting the Apple Watch. Likewise, 57% of the owners agreed that they now walk more, whereas 59% said they make better health choices.

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So far, it seems early adopters are very pleased with the Apple Watch’s health and fitness features. Almost 89% of the owners surveyed were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the Apple Watch’s built-in activity apps. Approximately 80% of the respondents agreed that they are happy with the heart rate sensors and hourly stand up reminders, while around 75% were satisfied with the Workout app.

Wristly’s survey found that 86% of the owners are still using the Apple Watch daily, as a healthy lifestyle needs consistency, whereas 12.3% are wearing it on most days. Only 1.3% of owners said they occasionally wear the gadget, while only 3% reported that they no longer use the watch.

Apple Watch making owners more health-conscious

In June, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple shared similar sentiments in his review of the Apple Watch. Jim shared that HealthKit and the Apple Watch motivated him to lose 40 pounds.

“Apple Watch furthered my transformation. I can see on my wrist every minute of the day where I’m at for standing, movement, activity, calories and much more.”

Though other wearable options are also available, the relevance of the survey and the Apple Watch can’t be ignored. Dalrymple’s experience suggests that the Apple Watch’s health and fitness features such as Move, the achievement badges, the Exercise and Stand rings, the progress updates, workout summaries, personalized feedback and others, have inspired early adopters to become more health-conscious than before.

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