2015 Release Mooted For Samsung Galaxy S7

2015 Release Mooted For Samsung Galaxy S7
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With Android fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, some new information about the smartphone has emerged. This follows hot on the back of a suggestion that the Samsung handsets will embrace virus scanning functionality, which was reported earlier this week by Tech Times.

Galaxy S7 – Iris recognition included

According to media reports which have surfaced from close to the Samsung supply chain, the Korean consumer electronics giant has been working on iris recognition technology internally for quite some time. There is no doubt that security has become a more significant feature of smartphones in recent years, as manufacturers wrestle with theft and other safety issues.

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As Samsung attempts to produce market-leading features in its Galaxy range, it is already expected that the new iris-related security standard will be released across its product range in 2016. This could mean that we see the Galaxy S7 feature this high-end security feature, with Samsung keen to emphasize the fact that the Galaxy S range remains its flagship mobile device.

Aimed at flagship status

Although this hasn’t officially been in doubt, the quality of some recent Galaxy S releases has ensured that not all fans of Samsung have viewed this device as its premier mobile. A lackluster Galaxy S5 handset in particular was overshadowed by the Galaxy Note 4 last year, and for a while at least this phablet was viewed as the best quality mobile device produced by Samsung.

But the Galaxy S6 saw the Galaxy S range head back in something approaching the right direction. The largely metallic design that was included in this iteration of the Galaxy S series was enthusiastically received by both consumers and critics. And Samsung has always packed its mobile devices with excellent specifications, and this release was no exception to this rule.

With the Galaxy S range back on track, Samsung will be looking for an outstanding Galaxy S7 device when it launches in the coming months. And the latest reports suggest that the Galaxy S7 will in fact release earlier than its original schedule suggested. The reason behind this is not particularly difficult to understand; Samsung is releasing the next flagship device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 6s / iPhone 7.

To play key role in Apple war

Although Samsung has been bullish on its competition with Apple in the past, there is no doubt that the market-leading behemoth which is Apple has left Samsung rather in its dust over the last 18 months. With the iPhone range in particular going from strength to strength, and Apple’s other product releases such as the Apple Watch already finding a significant audience, Apple is tremendously strongly placed at the moment.

It would seem to be extremely unwise for Samsung to completely ignore the Apple release schedule, and just plow ahead with its own particular plans. Considering that Apple smashed numerous all-time business records during 2014, it is clear that Samsung must fit its product releases around at the iPhone in an attempt to maximize their potential.

To get 2015 release date

South Korean publications have thus been suggesting this week that the purported launch date of the Galaxy S7 could be moved forward radically in an attempt to usurp Apple. It has been reported by the South Korean news publication Newsis that Samsung will move forward the release of the Galaxy S7 to 2015, and unveil this device to the public possibly even before the Galaxy Note 5.

This had previously been reported by ValueWalk, and so although it may seem like a surprising strategy, it is not altogether unexpected. According to Korean reports, Samsung has already begun the process of working on the Galaxy S7, and it is expected to be completed several months earlier than was previously suggested.

What would be surprising about this Galaxy S7 release date is that Samsung would then have put out two Galaxy S products in the same calendar year. This is extremely unusual, and it would also mean that Samsung would need to handle the product release of the Galaxy S7 extremely sensitively. Purchasers of the Galaxy S6 could feel rightly miffed that Samsung was releasing a new version of the product so soon after the supposed flagship handset.

Samsung would also naturally have to significantly increased the specifications and capabilities of the Galaxy S7 to justify this new product release. So there are already some extremely interesting rumors regarding what the Korean corporation will include in this critical mobile release.


The most prominent suggestion that the rumor mill keeps producing is the idea that the Galaxy S7 will feature a 4K Super AMOLED display. 4K resolution technology will clearly become a mainstream facet of consumer electronics in the foreseeable future, and it would make obvious sense for Samsung to embrace this technology as soon as possible.

Samsung has placed a particular emphasis on including high-quality displays in recent device releases, and the company would unquestionably love to be the first to produce a mass-market smartphone with 4K resolution. Indeed, one could quite reasonably suggest that there is little point in releasing a Galaxy S7 Mobile with an identical quad HD resolution to its Galaxy S6 predecessor.

It has also been suggested that the Galaxy S7 will be equipped with 5G network bands that will vastly improved the browsing experience and Internet capabilities of the smartphone. With super-fast Wi-Fi connectivity, this will truly be a next generation smartphone, and one that would heap pressure on Apple to produce an outstanding iPhone 7 release.

Other specs linked with this device include 4 GB of RAM, a 64-bit Exynos 3.5 GHz processor, and a mind blowing 30-megapixel rear camera, and 10-megapixel front camera. It must be said, though, that although these camera-related specifications have been suggested in the media, a 30-megapixel snapper looks a little too meaty for a 2015 release.

An infrared sensor has also been suggested for the Galaxy S7, and the device looks a very exciting prospect. And a prospect that we might be seeing sooner than expected.

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