Google Tests Out Large Images In Mobile Search Results

Google Tests Out Large Images In Mobile Search Results

In an effort to expand mobile search results, Google is currently testing out large images within them. The new interface is quite similar to the image test Google conducted late last year. The key difference with the final product is that the images are a little larger and located on the snippet’s left side.

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Google puts effort into improving mobile search

Google is constantly trying out new ways to create a harmonious balance between desktop and mobile search. The company also hopes to give users more information before they click the link. Since adding images to search results tends to slow down loading times, the feature is still in the testing phase.

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The tech giant may be looking for new ways to keep internet users interested as well. Last week’s I/O event presented some exciting announcements. Although the company is continually evolving and introducing new technologies like Google Glass or self-driving cars, the search engine is still the core of Google, and it hasn’t forgotten that.

Google expands indexing to iOS

The tech giant knows that the vast number of internet users access the web on their mobile phone. Google has made a strong effort to reflect that, changing demographics by making its search engine more friendly for mobile users. One of the notable changes includes the expansion to iOS. App indexing works when hovering up the data inside apps. It is just the first step toward making sure information is available by searching Google.

The search giant first started indexing apps with Android two years ago. The index is huge, with a total of 50 billion deep links. The company’s efforts don’t stop there, as it must remain at the heart of mobile phones. This task is rather challenging as Google had to find new ways to choose apps that best meet users’ needs.


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