CNN Apologizes After Intern Wears GoPro In Supreme Court

CNN Apologizes After Intern Wears GoPro In Supreme Court

GoPro camera has a lot of applications beyond extreme sports, but recording video footage in the Supreme Court press room is not one of them. On Monday, a CNN intern was kicked out of the Supreme Court of the United States after he was caught recording footage with a GoPro camera strapped to his chest, reports Dylan Byers of Politico.

CNN intern was serving as a ‘runner’

It prompted CNN to call an immediate meeting between executives and editors in Washington. The company executives also discussed the issues with their legal department, in the event that the intern Walbert Castillo had intentionally tried to disregard court rules. And then CNN issued a profuse apology to the Supreme Court.

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CNN said its intern “misunderstood the rules about recording inside the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office and acted inappropriately.” Recording devices are a big no-no in both the Supreme Court Press Room and the Public Information Office, as well as in the court room. Intern Walbert Castillo was serving as a “runner.” Runners sit in the court listening to rulings, and then rush to their correspondent to get it on the air at the earliest.

The intern wearing GoPro was an accident

Castillo was wearing the GoPro camera to record an unrelated episode for CNN. But he forgot that he had the camera on while acting as a runner. The Supreme Court prohibits recording devices as it fears that such devices may pick an audio of the court ruling. Usually, the Supreme Court of the United States releases audio recordings of the oral arguments at the end of a work week.

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