3D Systems Corporation Chosen As One Of The Most Innovative Growth Companies

3D Systems Corporation Chosen As One Of The Most Innovative Growth Companies
Image Credit: 3D Systems Corporation

3D Systems was chosen as one of the most innovative growth companies worldwide by Forbes magazine this year. The 3D printing company was listed in the 18th position, the highest ranking among the technology hardware and equipment companies.

The Forbes’ 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies were selected among the top 100 companies with less than $10 billion in market capitalization and demonstrated continued growth through innovation. Forbes ranked the “innovation premium” of the companies using the proprietary from Credit Suisse HOLT.

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3D Systems’ cornerstone of brand value and growth engine

In a statement, Avi Reichental, president, and CEO of 3D Systems emphasized the purpose-driven innovation is the cornerstone of the company brand value and the growth engine of its enterprises.

Reichental added,”Becoming the topmost 3D printing company on the Forbes’ list underscores the impact that our passionate team is making to advance 3D digital design and fabrication for the benefit of humanity.”

“Our relentless pursuit of innovation democratizes access to 3D printing in the classroom, on the engineer’s desktop, on the manufacturing floor, in the hospital and at home—unlocking the potential within each of us to transform the way we live, work and play,” she said.

3D Systems partners with e-NABLE Community Foundation

Last week, 3D Systems announced its partnership with e-NABLE Community Foundation (ECF) to expand the availability of 3D printed prosthetic hand and arms that are donated to people in need.

3D System and e-NABLED agreed to collaborate to design an all-new hand. The design will be shared with the public, customizable for sizing and optimized for printing the Cube, Cube Pro, and EKOCYCLE Cube.
3D Systems will provide technical advisory for e-NABLE on prosthetics design and others areas.

The entities will also work together in developing learning materials for formal and informal educators and identify four or more university-based labs to serve as e-NABLE partners. The labs will be equipped with the digital fabrication tools of 3D Systems including CubePro 3D printers, premium material cartridges, Sense3D scanners, design software and the Touch™3D stylus.

“Our technology unlocks everyone’s potential to transform great ideas into real outcomes. By teaming up with the e-NABLE community, we are giving more people the means and the skills to improve lives,” said Reichental.

Last month, 3D Systems signed a $1.3 million contract with the U.S. Air Force to design, build, and test a cutting-edge aircraft heat exchanger to be manufactured using 3D printing.

The company also entered into a cooperative R&D agreement with the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command to develop and evaluate 3D printing technology and materials for military use.

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