Netflix ISP Speed Index: Australia At 17 In 29 Countries

Netflix has revealed Australia’s worst ISPs for its services on the basis of the ISP Speed Index in a blog post. In a comparison of 29 countries where Netflix is currently available, Australia is ranked 17th below New Zealand, which is at 13.

Concerns about Australia’s broadband infrastructure

However, Netflix says that the situation in Australia could improve going forward as the internet performance was in part affected by higher than expected demand of the Netflix service. Netflix, which entered Australia in March, currently accounts for 20% to 25% of the gross internet traffic in the country. Meanwhile the increased need for bandwidth in Australia has raised concerns among analysts, who believe that the country’s broadband infrastructure may not be able to support the growing demand.

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Faster Netflix streaming ensures better picture quality, quicker start times and fewer interruptions, all resulting in a better customer experience. Netflix and other SVOD companies need a smooth internet service for growth. Conviva, a global video analytics company recently noted that if a connection is slow or continuously interrupted, around 25% of users shut their streaming service in the first five minutes of their viewing time.

Netflix: Australia below New Zealand

The online streaming service released data for the month of April to identify the Internet service provider or ISPs offering the best Netflix streaming experience. Australia and New Zealand were the new entrants in the Index, which now includes 29 countries. In its blog, Netflix noted that it is working in close collaboration with these ISPs to improve their performances in the coming months.

On Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, TPG bagged the top spot in Australia for the month of April, clocking in at an average speed of 3.77 Mbps. In New Zealand, Snap led with an average speed of 3.77 Mbps. For the U.S., Cox surged to the second spot among ISPs with an average speed of 3.49 Mbps compared to 3.11 Mbps in November 2014.

Netflix’s ISP Speed Index weighs prime time performance on a particular ISP instead of measuring overall performance for services/data that may be streamed across specific ISP networks.