Microsoft Hyperlapse Stabilizes Video On Phones, PCs


Microsoft brings video stability with the new Hyperlapse app for Windows and Android products.

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse is now available for Android, Windows Phone and Windows PCs. The special video app uses an algorithmic tool to stabilize video clips. Although the apps are now available for download, the Android version remains limited to a few models as it is in preview mode.

Microsoft on why it didn’t release app for iOS

Microsoft also clarified the reason it did not release the app for iOS. The company said there are other similar options available and that it still is evaluating the possibility of the app in the future but that there are no guarantees. The PC operating system maker first showed Hyperlapse late last summer as a research project, and now it’s finally available.

A traditional time-lapse effect is created using a static camera. The general problem with time-lapse videos is the shakiness stemming from a lack of stability. Microsoft’s technology changes all of that by recreating a three-dimensional landscape replica of the area filmed and then blending the frames to create a seamless looking video. The amazing technology takes it one step further by removing stationary clips.

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Three versions of Hyperlapse

There are three new Hyperlapse apps, namely, Hyperlapse Pro for Windows, Hyperlapse Mobile for Windows Phones and a separate version for Android. The first app is for professionals who want quality video editing. The latter two are limited versions for mobile users.

Microsoft is taking the liberty of improving its operating system and other products. The tech company plans to release the highly-anticipated Windows 10 later on this year. It also plans to unveil a new internet browser with improved security features. The company’s efforts aren’t going unrecognized. Forbes Magazine recently listed Microsoft as number two on the most valuable brand list. It was just shy of the number one spot thanks to major rival Apple, which dominates the industry with the iPhone.

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