iPhone 7 Plus: What To Expect From Apple [RUMOR]

iPhone 7 Plus: What To Expect From Apple [RUMOR]
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Apple’s first phablet was a big success for the corporation in 2014, and the consumer electronics giant is now looking to follow this up with the iPhone 7 Plus. Figures related to the iPhone 6 indicate that the iPhone 6 Plus perform better than was expected, and in line with these results, Apple will likely place more emphasis on the phablet-sized version of the iPhone 7 when the range is released. So what do we know thus far about this significant mobile release? And what might Apple include in the iPhone 7 Plus in order to tempt consumers?

iPhone 7 Plus: What To Expect From Apple [RUMOR]

iPhone 7 Plus – design

With Apple having made its first foray into phablets last year, many fans of the iPhone 6 Plus will be hoping for significant design changes this time round. Also, Apple generally follows a policy of refreshing its hardware designs on a biannual basis, which will mean that the iPhone 7 Plus is likely to strongly resemble last year’s model.

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Apple is currently testing sapphire glass with a view to including it in future mobile devices, after it was utilized to protect the screen of the Apple Watch. But this is unlikely to come to fruition in this generation of the iPhone, as it has been reported that Apple is experiencing problems with this material shattering, and this is unlikely to be solved by the likely October release date. However, if the iPhone 7 Plus is delayed until 2016, as is widely expected, then we could see sapphire glass featuring at that time.

Series 7000 Aluminium Alloy could also be utilized in order to address bending issues from previous devices.

Possible specs

Apple has never allowed itself to be a slave to specs, and this process will probably continue with the iPhone 7 Plus. A new processor is absolutely guaranteed in this phablet, particularly if it launches in 2016. And the most likely candidate is a new A9 chip, rumored to be 15 percent smaller, 20 percent more powerful and 35 percent more power efficient than the Apple A8 processor.

2 GB of RAM is also expected under the hood, and the device will also run iOS 9 as its operating system as a bare minimum. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that iOS 10 will have been released by the time that this phablet sees the light of day.

Apple has also been dealing with all manner of impressive camera specifications in recent months, and the iPhone 7 Plus phablet is extremely likely to benefit from such technology. Therfore, the dual-lens snapper which has been strongly linked with the iPhone series could come to fruition with the iPhone 7 Plus, and possibly even the sophisticated periscope design which has been mooted in some quarters.

Finally, Apple will definitely include the Force Touch technology which it introduced with the Apple Watch when the iPhone 7 Plus is released. There will be an increasing focus from Apple on mobile payment and Apple pay-related functionality.


Some pundits have suggested that the iPhone 7 Plus will be significantly more affordable than the previous iteration of the series when it is released. But this seems pretty unlikely considering that the last generation of Apple iPhones sold incredibly well. Apple is more likely to freeze the price from the iPhone 6 range, and ensure that the iPhone 7 costs the same out of the box as the previous iteration in the series on release day.

Battery life

One of the prominent criticisms of Apple products is that they are rather greedy with the internal battery. Thus, Apple should take measures to ensure that the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus phablet is significantly improved over the previous release. This will be particularly important if Apple upgrades several aspects of the phablet, even though the new processor is clearly more efficient than that which was included in the iPhone 6 Plus.

More storage

The 16 GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus would now seem to be obsolete, and it would make sense for Apple to ensure that the most affordable version of this phablet begins at 32 GB of storage. Hopefully the iOS 9 operating system will eat up less storage that iOS 8, but there will still be pressure on Apple to deliver something of substance here.


Aside from the aspects of the iPhone 7 Plus camera which were discussed previously, it has also been suggested that the protruding aspect of the iPhone 6 Plus camera was unattractive. Thus, one design alteration which Apple could consider is to ensure that the IPhone 7 Plus camera is complete within the device itself. Although concerns that the lens in the iPhone 6 Plus would scratch easily have turned out to be unfounded, this would still provide both a security and aesthetic benefit to the smartphone.

The camera in the iPhone 6 Plus was also criticized at times for its relatively poor performance in low-light conditions. This is a common issue with mobile cameras, and the iPhone 7 Plus should address this to ensure that high-quality pictures can be taken in all an environmental conditions. Possibly a superior flash could be utilized in order to deliver this.


Apple is placing an emphasis on music again in recent months, and there are persistent rumors that it is about to ramp up its Beats music service. With this in mind, there is clearly room for improvement with the speaker system in the iPhone7 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus features a solitary speaker, eliminating the possibility of stereo sound. A second speaker should be added to the iPhone 7 Plus, and additionally the positioning of the speakers should be moved away from the base of the phone.

More power

Above all else, Apple fans will want the iPhone 7 Plus to be a powerful performer when it is released. Quad HD, possibly even 4K resolution should be included, RAM should be doubled to 2 GB, and we should see the iPhone 7 Plus include a rapid quad-core processor for the first time.

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