Hyundai Sonata Is The First Production Car With Android Auto

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Google wants to expand the Android experience in the car, and Hyundai wants to offer that experience. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first production car to feature Android Auto. Although the smartphone-centered automotive dashboard experience was previously available through third-party navigation systems, this is the first time Android is part of the car’s package.

Google’s Android Auto now available with Hyundai Sonata

Google already beat rival Apple to the punch with Android Auto. These “smart” dashboard systems were designed specifically to keep the driver’s eye on the road. It also simplifies the mobile experience on the road. Most people take their smartphones everywhere, even in the car, so it only makes sense for smartphone makers create dashboards to improve the whole experience.

The Android Auto app allows drivers to check their text messages, play music, check Google Maps, and search queries on their phone. They can access the features with their voice, the dashboard touchscreen or the steering wheel controls. The system can also access third-party apps like Spotify and Pocket Casts, which further enhances the entertainment options.

Android Auto operates on Lollipop or higher

Android Auto requires Lollipop 5.0 to work. The phone also needs to be plugged into the vehicle’s USB port so users can control it via the steering wheel controls or touchscreen.

According to Hyundai, Android Auto will be rolled out to more models later on this year. The automotive company also plans to work to bring Apple’s technology to cars shortly. Unfortunately, the company has yet to share when that will take place. Google has already teamed up with about 30 car companies to expand support for Android Auto, and that number is expected to grow.

Android Auto is available for the new Hyundai Sonatas today as auto dealers can update new vehicles with the feature. Recent Sonata buyers also have the choice to take advantage of the update if they want.

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