Apple’s Touch ID Logo Ripped Off By University In China

Apple’s Touch ID Logo Ripped Off By University In China
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Apple’s Touch ID logo appears to have been ripped off by a Chinese university for an anniversary celebration commemorating 110 years. The blue logo for the celebration at Fudan University looks very similar to the red logo Apple used to represent Touch ID.

Chinese University faced similar allegations earlier this week

This wasn’t the first time Fudan University got in trouble over alleged infringement. Earlier this week, the school had to take down a promo video that was similar to a video from the University of Tokyo. The school apologized about the video but has yet to apologize in regards to the current situation.

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According to Shanghai Daily, the school’s PR lead explained:

“The video was removed from our official website, Wechat and Weibo accounts due to the controversy it has caused.”

Chinese businesses are notorious for disregarding intellectual property from foreign companies. Two years ago, a study from Dennis Blair (a former intellectual property director) and Jon Huntsman (United States Ambassador to China) showed that the theft of American intellectual property caused economic losses of up to $300 billion a year.

Apple is a frequent target in many of these cases. Some companies create and sell iPhone knock-offs. There are also many fake Apple retail stores throughout the nation that sell counterfeit products. Apple is one of the most successful tech companies in the world thanks to its highly coveted products.

Apple’s upcoming developer kit for Apple Watch

Apple recently confirmed plans to release a preview of a watch developer kit next month. All this time, developers have been limited to a few actions on the watch, but they weren’t able to directly program it. Jeff Williams (operation chief for Apple) opened up about it at the Code Conference. He explained that the new development will enable games to run on the new smartwatch. It will also allow access to the watch’s internal sensors.

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