Twitter Inc Partners With Apple Inc. To Add Tweets To Spotlight

Twitter Inc Partners With Apple Inc. To Add Tweets To Spotlight

On Tuesday during the quarterly earnings call, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed his company’s plans to team up with Apple. The popular micro-blogging website will collaborate with the Cupertino tech giant for Spotlight, the handy search feature that allows Apple users to search for apps, images and other files.

Twitter’s Spotlight partnership

Twitter recently made a deal to have tweets included in the search feature. Users can expect to see tweets on Spotlight next month. Neither Apple nor Twitter responded with comments. Spotlight already incorporates tweets from Twitter when a user searches for specific hashtags, but it appears more functionality is on the way.

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Spotlight is a search platform featured on iOS and OS X. During the past few years, Apple put more of a focus on Spotlight, even adding Wikipedia and Bing Search. It also shared the latest news stories, works as a personal iTunes shopper, suggests websites and shows local movie times. It is a lot like Google, but it is exclusive to Apple devices.

Apple Watch glitch affects tattooed users

In other Apple-related news, recent reports indicate the company’s new smartwatch doesn’t work so well on tattooed arms. A reader from The Register U.K. recently discovered a glitch on the device as it can’t find his pulse when it’s on his tattooed wrist. When he switches it to his un-tattooed wrist, all is well until the watch prompts for a passcode.

One Reddit user named guinne55fan experienced a similar issue. He said he thought his new Apple Watch had a bad wrist detector sensor, and it would lock every time the screen went dark and prompted him for his password. It could not receive notifications, and he couldn’t figure out why because the watch didn’t lose contact with his skin. He said he then tried to hold it against his untattooed hand, and it worked. When he placed the watch back on his tattooed wrist, it froze again.

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