Samsung Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect?
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Although there are only days to go until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the release of the Galaxy Note 5 later this year is also highly anticipated. The Galaxy Note 4 was a bright spot of a disappointing 2014 for Samsung, as the phablet was tremendously well received critically, and also fared pretty well commercially. This deflected attention away from the fact that Samsung profits tumbled by 60 percent during the calendar year.

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 4 was an outstanding mobile device, and what was particularly noteworthy about it was the high quality of its specs. Samsung has always been renowned for cramming its handsets with as much specification as it can muster, and the Galaxy Note 4 was certainly no exception to this rule.

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So by the time the release date rolls around for the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is expected to strengthen its specs even further. Building on the power which was inherent in the Galaxy Note 4, this could lead to an extremely formidable mobile device, and some believe that the Galaxy Note 5 will be the outstanding release of 2015.

But what can we expect from the Galaxy Note 5 when it is released? Here is a rundown of the latest speculation, rumors and analyst opinion on the make-up of this premium mobile device.

Galaxy Note 5 – display

Samsung has placed a particular emphasis in recent years on delivering the best quality of screens that it possibly can, and the Galaxy Note 4 certainly delivered in this department. There is some debate among critics whether the Galaxy Note 4 had the most outstanding mobile display of 2014, or whether this honor should be bestowed upon the LG G3.

What is certain is that the super AMOLED technology included in the Galaxy Note 4 was particularly well received, and the quad HD display that Samsung armed his phablet with made it an outstanding performer.

When the Galaxy Note 5 is released in 2015, Samsung will naturally have to up the ante. Thus, it seems almost a certainty that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature a 4K resolution display. This could make the Galaxy Note 5 the first mass-market mobile device of approximately smartphone-size to feature a 4K screen, with the Galaxy S7 expected to follow suit for true smartphone-sized handsets in 2016.

4K resolution is set to become a genuinely mainstream technology over the next twelve months, and Samsung is likely to want to cash in on this eventuality. With Samsung also hugely associated with television technology, their manufacturer feels a certain pressure to imbue all the screens within its mobile devices with the most up-to-date display technology possible. So we could see a 5.9-inch 4K resolution display when the Galaxy Note 5 hits the market.

Galaxy Note 5 – Battery

One of the most widely anticipated improvements that Samsung will make with the Galaxy Note 5 is to ensure that the battery life of the device is suitable for this improved resolution. Naturally a 4K screen will eat up the battery life of the Galaxy Note 5 more quickly, and the Samsung is highly likely to arm it with a more powerful cell.

Battery life has also has been an area where the corporation has been praised, and Samsung will likely want to keep the advantage over the iPhone series, which has been somewhat reviled for the poor battery life it delivers. Thus, analysts are suggesting that the Galaxy Note 5 will have a 4,000mAh battery. This would be more than a 20 percent increase over the 3,220mAh battery which was fitted in the Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 5 – Virtual reality

It is also expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will collaborate strongly with virtual reality projects. The team behind the forthcoming PC Oculus Rift VR projects have already stated that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature specific functionality intended to make it a companion to this virtual reality headset. And that Samsung will also include features related to its own Galaxy Gear VR technology.

Galaxy Note 5 – Wireless charging

With Samsung having already unveiled wireless charging for the Galaxy S6, it will now be working on putting this into practice with the larger phablet-sized Galaxy Note 5. This could be more technical than it perhaps sounds, as implementing technology from one phone into another is not quite as simple as a basic facsimile.

Often there can be technical issues involved with such a copying of features, but one would still expect the Galaxy Note 5 to be armed with wireless charging when it is released later this year.

Galaxy Note 5 – Camera

This could be a major battleground between Samsung and Apple during 2015. The Apple iPhone 7 is already being linked with some pretty spectacular camera devices, with both a unique periscope design and a dual-lens, professional quality snapper being linked with the flagship Apple smartphone.

So Samsung will feel obliged to respond to this potentially earth-shattering Apple camera with a high-quality device of its own. Therefore, analysts are already suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will feature the first ever 20-megapixel camera in a Samsung mobile device. There will also reportedly be a 5-megapixel front-facing camera to ensure that selfie photographs can be captured in outstanding quality.

Galaxy Note 5 – Advanced TouchID button and retina scanner

With Apple recently prominently promoting its Force Touch system in the Apple Watch, Samsung is likely to respond in kind with the Galaxy Note 5. Improved TouchID functionality is expected when this phablet is released, and Samsung will also likely beef up the security capabilities of the Galaxy Note series by including a sophisticated retina scanner.

Galaxy Note 5 – Price and release date

It is too early for Samsung to release even any leaked information about the pricing or release date of the Galaxy Note 5. But one can expect this mobile to hit the stores sometime early in Q4 of 2015, while pricing for the non-contract version of the mobile will probably be around $900-$1000.

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