Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App For iOS

Google has now released its Chrome Remote Desktop app for the iOS operating system, which means that now users can control their PC or Mac from their iPhone and iPad. The Android version has been available since April of last year and since then, the app has been a hit. The app gives users the freedom to control their computers from mobile devices and is now available to download for free from Apple’s App Store.


Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App For iOS

Chrome Remote Desktop App For iOS

iOS users will need to use the Chrome browser and also install the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store. Once the app is installed in Chrome, users will get an access code that will need to be inserted on their iOS device, be it an iPhone or iPad. Once both devices are connected, users can start remotely controlling their computer / Mac from their iOS device. The good part is that Google has kept the whole process very easy, and anyone can do this.

The iOS app looks and works in a very similar fashion to its Android counterpart. You can run Chrome Remote Desktop on as many computers as you want, and in the mobile app, you will find a list from which you will be able to select which computer you want to control.

While there won’t be any problem running it on an iPhone or iPod Touch, it will work a lot better on the iPad, mostly because of the big screen, which enables it to better mimic a true desktop experience. But still, if you’ve got an iPhone, there’s no reason not to try it out.

Google says the Chrome Remote Desktop works on Windows, Mac and Linux, with Windows (XP and above) and the Mac (OS X 10.6 and above) OS, all from the Chrome browser on virtually any device, including Chromebooks.

So go ahead and give this new Chrome Remote Desktop a whirl and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS from here