Facebook At ‘Work’ Unveiled For Android, iOS And Web

Social network giant, Facebook finally joined the enterprise market with the launching of new “Work” app for Android and iOS devices.

The social network giant also introduced the Facebook at Work desktop version of the app which is accessible through its main website. Facebook developed the Work app to enable businesses to create a social network for their employees.

Facebook At 'Work' Unveiled For Android, iOS And Web

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Facebook is still testing the Work App

Lars Rasmussen, director of engineering at Facebook told TechCrunch that the company has been testing the Work app, which is currently available to a small group of pilot partners around the world.

Facebook released the Work app on Apple App Store on Wednesday. Based on the description about the app, employees will be able to use the News Feed to stay updated about the events of their company, collaborate with their fellow employees in groups or send messages to one or a smaller group of co-workers. The Work app is also available on Google Play for Android.

Rasmussen said the launching of Facebook at Work in the App Stores is a bold step for the social network giant to test the product. He said, “We’re putting the app into the app stores so we can begin testing the product.  He clarified that the move was the next step in the testing process.

Facebook developed Work based users’ feedback

According to Rasmussen, Facebook spent ten years in developing the Work app. He said, the strength of Facebook at Work was based on the feedback from 1 billion active users. He explained, “All of that is embedded now in the same product but adopted for different use cases.

Rasmussen said Facebook’s employees are already using the app. It CEO Mark Zuckerberg is posting his announcements using Facebook at Work.

Facebook has not released any concrete details yet regarding the pricing of the product, but there is a possibility that the social network giant will offer it for free to attract more users.

According to Tech Crunch, Rasmussen did not rule out advertising as an option, therefore Facebook is considering offer the product to businesses for a certain price, but free of advertisements. Others may use the app for free but with advertisements.

Take note that most apps for enterprises are based on a paid model, therefore it is more likely that Facebook at Work will be offered for a certain price.