iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 – Comparison

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Now that Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL has finally unveiled the iPhone 6, consumers are faced with a tricky decision whether to opt for one of the two iPhone models, or its main competitor the Samsung Galaxy series. So how do with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stack up against their Galaxy Note rivals? Here is a rundown of all the key information about the rival handsets.

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Series – How Do They Compare?


Apple has always scored extremely heavily in this department; it is the excellent build quality of Apple products that has afforded them such cachet in consumer electronics. Both versions of the Apple iPhone 6 continue this trend, with their anodized aluminium bodies already obtaining a positive response from both Apple fans and critics. Although Samsung has made improvements to the design and appearance of the Galaxy Note 4 after the Galaxy S5 received something of a lukewarm response, it must be said that the Apple devices have a more premium feel.


Samsung makes a great deal of the Super AMOLED screen fitted in Galaxy devices, and its recent advertising campaigns have focused on this element of its handsets. This is a logical approach for Samsung given that it has attained a big reputation as one of the world’s most successful and high-quality producers of televisions.

Thus, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Samsung seems to have a slight lead in this department. Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices are fitted with 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch LCD displays respectively, while the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED, and the Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch version. So the Galaxy devices have the larger screen sizes, and additionally they also provide a better resolution. Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus has a full-HD display (1920x1080p), but this is beaten by the QHD resolution (2560x1440p) of the Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S5 is also a full HD device, while the smaller iPhone 6 offers a resolution of 1,334 x 750.

Although Apple claims that the iPhone display delivers higher contrast, it is reasonable to conclude that Samsung has achieved an advantage in this department.


Comparing the hardware capabilities of the new iPhone 6 devices and the existing Samsung handsets is rather difficult, as Apple is yet to provide specific details of processor, RAM and battery life for either of the iPhone 6 models. What can be said for certain is that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be driven by a new A8 processor. This should be extremely powerful, and Apple claims that it will make both of the iPhone 6 devices considerably more fluent than the previous iterations of the series.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 runs off a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core Krait 400, with 2GB RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU, while the Galaxy Note 4 is fitted with a quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450. This makes both of the Galaxy series extremely nifty and powerful devices, but it is certain that the iPhone 6 will offer a similar level of performance.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 - Comparison


When Samsung released the Galaxy S5 it made a lot of capital out of the quality of camera included in the device. Therefore one would expect Samsung devices to have pretty strong cameras, and that is certainly the case with both the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4. The camera in the Galaxy Note 4 is a 16-megapixel snapper, capable of producing images containing 3,456 x 4,608 pixels, and the device also features Optical Image Stabilization, autofocus and LED flash. The Galaxy S5 camera is identical in most respects, but also handles 5,312 x 2,988 pixels.

Both of the iPhone 6 cameras appear inferior in pure spec terms. That Apple devices are fitted with an 8-megapixel lens, which can deal with images consisting of 3,264 x 2,448 pixels, with autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) flash also included. Both the iPhone 6 devices also offer superior Optical Image Stabilization, and have been noted for their excellent video capturing technology. Although camera quality cannot be based on megapixel rating alone, it does seem Samsung has a slight edge here too.

Operating System

The fact that Apple produces both hardware and software gives the iPhone series a serious advantage in this department. It has long since been noted that the iPhone provides a fluent user experience which is unequalled elsewhere. The new iOS 8 operating system, complete with new features and enhancements, will doubtless continue this trend.


The iPhone 6 will offer more storage capacity in its largest devices, with Apple offering consumers a 128 GB version of both iPhone 6 models. Samsung enables the Galaxy series to be boosted to 128 GB via micro-SD, but Apple’s offerings are perhaps a little more flexible in this regard.

Battery Life

It is difficult to assess the battery life of the iPhone 6 devices at this point in time, as Apple has yet to release full details. However, the company claims that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will marginally outperform their Samsung Galaxy rivals in battery life. The proof will be in the pudding in this department, as previously Samsung has been praised for the quality of the Galaxy series’ battery life.


The contract version of the iPhone 6 Plus will be a little pricier than its Samsung alternative at $299 per month, while both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy devices will retail at $199 per month.


Both the Galaxy series and the Apple iPhone 6 devices offer a high-quality mobile experience. The super AMOLED screen is a big selling point of the Galaxy devices, while the iPhone 6 will unquestionably deliver the sort of slick experience associated with Apple products. Choosing a device will depend upon what attributes you particularly value.

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Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

41 Comments on "iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 – Comparison"

  1. Ummm did you say that Apple was more flexible in regard to memory? What a joke?! It apparently warns you on the page when you are buying your phone that your memory situation will be permanent, and asks if you are sure that’s what you want. With the galaxy and most android flagship phones for that matter no matter how much memory your phone comes with you can supplement it with memory cards. So how is Apple more flexible again?

  2. I forgot to that the iphone 6 is a bendable smartphone!

    Iphone 6 bend Test:
    Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up): http://youtu.be/FwM4ypi3at0

  3. And that’s when you’ll finally see all that electronic noise in your images.

  4. Taking 4K snaps/videos is very important NOW, so you can enjoy watching them on future mainstream 4K screens.
    You don’t want to watch today’s low res photos on the future 4k/8k screens when they become much cheaper. Just compare old low res media on large hi res screens & you will understand.

    The memories are worth much more in the future than today. Why limit the future enjoyment when the tech is available today @ affordable price.
    Yes the lens is important, but then all serious cameras have hi res anyway.

    Minimum for 4K is ~12.5Mp so you can select standard 16:9 ratio to watch on 4K screens in the future.

    Apple is most successful marketing co (interested in ur $$s). Samsung is already way ahead in tech.

  5. Majority of Users don’t care about specs. Ultimately, people want something that looks good and is reliable. They also want something that is perceived as being high quality and valuable. Regardless of whether or not Apple has the best specs, they are good at making people WANT their product. Not advocating apple. I have a samsung phone now, and have had an iphone 4. Just stating facts. If a phone looks good, takes nice pictures, has good battery life and is ‘Cool’, people will buy it. That’s why branding and marketing are important. Samsung is doing a good job of improving their brand as well. Anyway, this competition is good for all phone users.

  6. For me its what gets released first a Jailbreak for iOS8 or Root for the Note 4.

    Using any stock phone is unacceptable to me.
    I need to have full control over every aspect of the OS and right now only Android offers that.

  7. I proved my point. You admited that u don’t understand. You are a perfect itarget.

  8. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 15, 2014, 9:10 pm at 9:10 pm |

    You have too much free boring time in your life to be worrying about removable batteries, carrying extra storage and changing wallpapers and customizing your hideous Android icons and colors and changing failed settings. A phone is supposed to last, be user friendly and not look like some nut&less monkey designed it.

  9. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 15, 2014, 9:04 pm at 9:04 pm |

    You eat at McDonald’s…your argument is invalid.

  10. Stop making things up. Apple’s target is teenagers and the people who are using the phone for internet and facebook. ie: people like yourself. Samsung / Google / HTC ‘s target is successful people who are using their brains more than just to publish things on facebook.

    No offence but that’s why you aren’t given much options in iPhones such as removing the batteries, changing storage, and other advanced admin capabilities… it’s just a plain phone with limited capabilities. I wouldn’t blame Apple, they know their audience won’t buy them if they make the phones too complicated.

  11. The first three paragraphs are simple fact.

    As for more pixels, I’m usually in. More pixels are great. I’m a huge fan of more pixels and I have a 4K multitouch monitor on my desktop for that very reason.

    But on a phone they are currently a complete useless moronic waste because you cannot, in fact, see them or use them in any way.

    There is a future in which 4K on a phone will be useful. But not on the phone screen itself. When the phone IS your computer and you stream to nearby high resolution monitors, it will be important for your phone to be able to handle 4K.

    But right now?


    And as for photography, again, the only reason to have more than 8 megapixels is if you are going to make hardcopy prints. Even your cheap, plastic Samsung phone cannot display more than roughly 8.

    But that larger number of pixels sounds good, since more is always better, right?

    Except no. More pixels means smaller photosites, and that means more noise. Every camera has to make a choice between number of pixels and noisy images. This is why very high-end sports cameras have relatively low number of pixels. This allows them to take quick images even in low light conditions.

    So, if you are regularly printing daylight only camera photos on high quality paper, you might have a point. Maybe. But for the rest of us, it is simply not the case that more pixels = more quality. There’s a lot more to it. We can probably take lower light photos that are still usable and they address every pixel of our screen and yours.

    Now, to be fair, I do not know whether the new iPhone camera or the Samsung camera will be judged best when the tests are in. It is unlikely but possible that Samsung has a more advanced technology in which they can make higher resolution photos that are relatively noise free. I doubt it, since they sell to people that don’t really know better, and in the past their cameras have not tested well against the iPhone, but hey, anything is possible.

    But I do object to the simplistic claim that more pixels makes a better camera. If only life were that easy.

  12. Yes there were smart phones before. And yes there were black rectangles.

    But Samsung took the business to make iPhone components and during that time created as much of a copy of the iPhone as they possibly could. Their Galaxy phone had the same aspect ratio. it has the same screen location. It had the same offsets off the top and the bottom. It has as many of the same features as they could cobble together. Complete rip.

    And Android is admitted theft. Larry Page admitted as much to Jobs and asked how much money it was going to take to make this little problem go away. While Eric Schmidt was on the Apple board and saw the iPhone prototype, they panicked and decided to illegally create a clone.

    It’s theft all the way around.

    People mistakenly think that a black rectangle is all there is to it.


    Go make a watch that looks like a Rolex and see how far you get.

  13. a little correction, the iphone 6 doesn’t have a sapphire glass screen, it has a “Sapphire crystal lens cover”

  14. Yeah. Right…. Jennifer Lawrence said the same thing a year ago.

  15. *a little correction iphone 6 also uses phase detection autofocus and if it comes with sapphire glass it also have a top n’ toch scratch resistant screen, in the other hand we still don’t know wich phone has better battery life since each phone has a battery capacity accoding to it’s own autonomy, you also forgot to list the VR capabilities of note 4, for everything else you’re right.

  16. Who needs microSd when you have the cloud

  17. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 14, 2014, 10:06 pm at 10:06 pm |

    The Android/Samsung vs. Apple battle is similar to Republican vs. Democrat. In the far left extreme you have the grumpy/old school, cheap and never gets laid/I just saved 5 bucks Android user(Republican) and in the far left extreme you have the hipster or dirty broke fat pig that swears by Apple (Democrat). What if you are in the middle and you are not broke and you appreciate nice design, simplicity and you’re into technology and you have no time for complicated menus/processes(Android), then you choose Apple and you also get laid often.—My logic is so advanced most people shit bricks when they get it.

  18. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 14, 2014, 9:55 pm at 9:55 pm |

    More than you for sure.

  19. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 14, 2014, 9:53 pm at 9:53 pm |

    In reply to Gary and Others: I don’t even bother writing a list of reasons why Samsung/Android sucks
    and why their users sleep happy having saved 5 bucks on something. But I
    will throw you a bone: Ever heard of software and hardware integration
    and actually giving some thought to design? It’s not about hardware
    specs and the new “in” technology, it’s about knowing how to make it
    work well. NFC with Google Pay? lol What a joke! Like 3 stores used it.

  20. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 14, 2014, 9:52 pm at 9:52 pm |

    I don’t even bother writing a list of reasons why Samsung/Android sucks and why their users sleep happy having saved 5 bucks on something. But I will throw you a bone: Ever heard of software and hardware integration and actually giving some thought to design? It’s not about hardware specs and the new “in” technology, it’s about knowing how to make it work well. NFC with Google Pay? lol What a joke! Like 3 stores used it.

  21. All have to upgrade to iPhone 6? I didn’t get that memo and was hoping I could see about a good deal on a iPhone 5s to upgrade to now. Darn.

  22. LOL And yet, some of us want the Apple product. Truthfully, if I wasn’t tied into so heavily because of apps and my iPad I would go with the Microsoft phone, I loved the live tiles interface when I used one for a few months.

  23. RE: As far as display goes the number of pixels, size of the screen, contrast ratio, etc ARE actually the end all be all.

    Actually, no. Not all of us what a huge screen we can’t carry in our shirt pocket. Or were you extolling the virtues of a smaller screen?

    It is good there is Samsung for you but you have to realize what you want, not all do. To be a Google product as users of Android are, is not a goal we all strive for.

  24. what do you know about technology. no offence iLoser.

  25. dear editor, How come the iphone offers flexibility in storage when you aren’t even allowed to do micro SD.

  26. carry on iLoser. You are in denial. No wonder you don’t get much action.

  27. $199 and $299 per MONTH? Your review fell to meaningless at that moment. “The contract version of the iPhone 6 Plus will be a little pricier than its Samsung alternative at $299 per month, while both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy devices will retail at $199 per month.” Really?!

  28. I stopped reading your comment after “Google and Samsung stole Apple blind”. I’m not a Samsung fan and I don’t hate Apple but this argument about Samsung stealing Apple blind is just ridiculous. It has been proven over and over that Apple did not invent the smartphone or even full touchscreen phones… there are plenty of pictures on the net proving it. When these phones were released nobody noticed or nobody cared. It took Apple’s marketing genius to create a buzz of anticipation for the first iPhone. But that wasn’t very hard because Apple customers came to expect new products every year or two since the release of the iPods. The popularity and usefulness of the iPhone grew when the App store started growing with 3rd party apps.
    Another point I want to make is that you can’t accuse anyone of copying Apple anymore because they’re the ones who have been playing catch-up these last few years: Apple’s new iOS8 includes many Android and BlackBerry innovations.

  29. this review is about the tech specs and overall performance, and baseless accusations are pointless. Your first 3 paragraphs are just shameless bashing, but that doesn’t change the fact that apple is making an inferior line of devices this generation. While the 6 line is still a step up from it’s predecessors, they pale in comparison to their samsung counterparts.

    As far as display goes the number of pixels, size of the screen, contrast ratio, etc ARE actually the end all be all. In this aspect, apple completely falls short. The processor and amount of ram make your point of load times irrelevant as there is more than enough computing power to handle anything you could put on the note 4. Also, apple 4k tv’s are irrelevant. This is phone vs phone, not a phone and tv comparison.

    The camera. The amount of pixels in the camera is actually the defining factor. more pixels in the image = higher picture quality. it’s not about printing pictures either, that has nothing to do with this comparison. Sure, apple puts plenty of pixels in it’s devices but it’s nothing compared to what samsung was doing last generation. Also, what do you mean by “noise”? Finally, pixel count has nothing to do with a camera’s ability to take better low-light images. It is crystal clear that the galaxy camera is in every way superior.

    sure, the new iphones will sell but money has nothing to do with it. If anyone buys the iphone it will be for brand recognition. Those of us who prefer greater performance over a name will be sitting here with our galaxy notes, confident that the device we’ve chosen is superior in effectively every way.

  30. Ok, so a phone with the ability and purpose of allowing the battery to be changed is NOT the same thing as the battery CAN be replaced. Changing the battery in any other phone does not void the warranty, but in the iPhone it certainly will.

  31. Google and Samsung stole Apple blind. It’s one thing being influenced by and improving on. It’s another making blatant copies. Samsung has been losing the iPhone business that was the source of much of their “innovation”, so this may impact their bottom line quite a lot before its all over.

    Because of this history, though, I really wouldn’t think of buying a Galaxy anything.

    After they built an entire business on what many consider unethical behavior, they have managed to add a feature here and there not already in an iPhone. A little early to be declaring victory I should think. Samsung, like Microsoft, has no taste. They throw poorly thought out features against a wall and see what sticks.

    And this article was ridiculous. The number of pixels is not the be all and end all of a phone screen. Once you have enough that you can no longer see individual pixels (retinal), it’s not clear what the value of additional pixels is. They create extra load on the processor and reduce battery life for no real value. This may change in a year or two when 4K monitors become more popular and phones start streaming to them. But by then, when it makes sense, you can bet Apple will have 4K. In the mean time brightness, contrast and other measures define a screen’s quality and this article judges in favor of Samsung without actually having seen the Apple screen. I call bs.

    Similarly with the camera. At this time, there is very little value in more pixels on a phone. Very few people actually print pictures these days and if you do, you’re much more liable to use a real camera to do that. Phone pics are for exchanging on the net and looking at on phones. The Apple cameras have plenty of pixels for that. And by keeping the pixel count the same, they can offer better low light capability and less noise overall. Again, not clear at all that the Samsung camera is better.

    What is certain is that the new iPhones will sell huge and they’ll sell to the part of the market with actual money. That plastic knock-off from Samsung will sell to people that don’t know any better.

  32. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Advantages over the iphone 6 Plus:

    – You can use this phone as a notebook to write notes
    – Work like a mouse on your smartphone
    – Provides high precision when viewing websites on Desktop Mode

    Build Quality
    – Same build quality (both are build on metal)
    – Better Screen Scratch Resistance (2.5D Glass Screen)

    – 4 % larger screen at the same phone size (5.7 in vs 5.5 in)
    – Higher screen Resolution (2560×1440 vs 1920×1080)
    – Higher PPI 28% (515 ppi vs 401 ppi)
    – Higher screen contrast and great visibility outside on Sun Light

    – Larger Battery and better battery life
    – Removable Battery
    – Multiples levels of Power Saving Modes
    – Faster charging (0% to 50% in 30 mins)

    – Better Camera (16 Mega Pixels with Image Stabilization vs 8 Mega Pixels with Image Stabilization)
    – Faster phone auto-focus due to a phase detection
    – 4K Video Recording
    – Better front facing camera (3.7 Mega Pixels capable of 1080p vs 1.2 Mega Pixels no 1080p)

    – 32 GB built-in storage + MicroSD Slot Expandable to 128 GB

    – UV Sensor
    – Heart Rate Monitor

    Other Advantages
    – Better multitasking because of Multi-Windows and with 300% MORE RAM (3 GB RAM vs 1 GB RAM)
    – MHL 3.0 (Mobile Standard that support 4K Ultra HD Video/Audio output while charging)
    – Notification Light
    – IR Blaster (Works as TV or Any electronic Remote Control)
    – Support Wireless Charging

  33. That conclusion is ridiculous, how can something be better on almost all accounts and then basically tie? The Samsung wins, period.

  34. I prefer to buy cheap SD card than paying hunderds extra for 64 or 128 storage. what about main camera, front camera, RAM, screen, battery, display??

  35. How does having a limited specific set of the typical 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb versions of iPhone offer more flexibility than a phone that enables the user to attach ANY storage capacity from 1gb to whatever technology is current Xgb? That part in the article seriously doesn’t make sense.

    I’m a heavy iPhone and Android user, switching between them every new phone purchase. The next phase for me is the iPhone 6 Plus. I am glad they finally have a phone a similar size to my Galaxy Note series phones, as the iPhone 5s is still too slim for my preference. I’m excited to see how the 6 Plus feels on iOS and if many apps will be able to fully utilize the screen size. I’m not excited of losing all of the flexibility that Android OS delivers out-of-the-box.

    Worst case scenario it will be another quick flip for me as it was when I had my iPhone moving to Note, as Apple products are always in demand on Craig’slist, etc.

    Seriously though, we all knew that this would sadly happen to Apple after the passing of Steve Jobs. As much as he engrained his vision and company culture into his business, the company can only hold on to that for so long until they crack under the global competitive arena. In terms of technological advances, Apple has lost their unique flavor in the mix… but everyone including myself will still use their products for the quality and stability which comes from their closed loop, hardware and software system.

  36. If I prefer a Smartphone for regular use, I will definitely buy Galaxy S5 instead of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Well, I have Galaxy S5 from last 5 months and like its water resistant body, touch wiz finger print scanner, and 2800mAh battery with power saving mode that once fully charged on qi wireless charger that I
    purchased from Amazon
    www .amazon.com/dp/B00DDTZN4S
    with wide charging pad runs all day long with normal use.

  37. seemed pretty easy. there was no risk at all in damaging the case. none. like i said i’m not a tech guru. i can’t comment on all the other points you made they seem valid. i had never seen a battery with sticky paste on one side of it inside the phone. it had me second guess myself for a second as i was taking it out. other than that though very simple. the design perhaps is intimidating for the average user. i guess they don’t realize apple isn’t going to make it so hard to replace that the people at the genius bar have to spend a significant amount of time on it.

  38. Keeshawn Juaquin Kintaro | Sep 14, 2014, 11:22 am at 11:22 am |

    Samsun or Shan Shun from Mortal Kombat makes the most hideous and cheap looking phones I’ve seen. Apple is not cheap, but their phones are premium build and last way longer than Shan Sun.

  39. the last iphone i had was the 4s and the battery was easily removable. just required a screw driver that was like a dollar and i’m not all that technologically advanced. they probably made the 6 i’m about to purchase a little harder to get into though.

  40. The Samsung Galaxy 4 is also sweat and rain proof. I am an iPhone user an want to switch to Samsung, but Verizon has a $200 trade in that makes the iPhone 6 a lot cheaper. Samsung is easier to increase storage down the road.

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