Intel Corporation Dual-Screen Laptop, Popular Among Makers

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) revealed dual-screen laptop concept and said that many manufacturers are designing the computers based on this concept, according to BBC. According to the company, the second screen of the laptop will increase the purpose of dedicated computers, which are lagging behind in appeal compared to the smartphones and tablets.

Intel Corporation Dual-Screen Laptop, Popular Among Makers

Second screen customizable

Intel Corporation’s dual-screen laptop is capable of showing a workable screen to the user that could display notes, eBooks or various other contents even if the laptop is in hibernate or sleep mode or even when it is turned off. Also, with the help of Intel Corp’s connected standby feature, a notebook could get updates regularly from the internet during hibernation, and screen could be used for checking e-mails, weather or any other content. User can customize the second screen of a laptop with some images of his or her choice.

Intel surely is ready to offer a reference design, as well as a software developer kit for the platform next year, for the interested manufacturers.

Asus Taichi already offers screen on both sides of the lid, which offers tablet to the user when the lid is closed and when it is open it is a regular laptop with the user facing the primary screen and secondary screen rests at the back.

The groundbreaking laptop design is fitted with and extra e-ink black and white display, which will run even if the power has juiced out. The e-Ink screens are typically used in e-Readers, but they occasionally show up in Smartwatches, phones, and other devices. Since the display only uses power when the screen is refreshed, user can show static text or images for a long time without draining the battery.

Intel partner with China Mobile

The Chip maker is firing all cylinders and is heading to gain excellence in every tech arena. Taking ahead its mobile broadband quest Intel is pushing XMM7262 LTE modem on China Mobile. XMM7262 LTE modem has upto 23 LTE bands on a single SKU for worldwide coverage and roaming. Also, it can connect smoothly to 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.