David Rosenberg: Why The Holy Grail Of Escape Velocity Still Eludes The Global Economy

In the business of wealth management, where assessing risks and measuring outcome probabilities are so vital for success, even shifting the goalposts a little bit is no trivial endeavour. Let me emphasize from the outset that what I’m about to lay out before you is more a stream of consciousness than an official change of view,…

David Rosenberg: Why the holy grail of escape velocity still eludes the global economy

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Corsair Capital Adds 17.5% In 2021, Notes “Change In Leadership” In Markets

According to a recent interview, Corsair Capital's founder Jay Petschek did not plan to be a hedge fund manager. After holding various roles on Wall Street, Petschek decided to launch the fund in January 1991, when his family and friends were asking him to buy equities on their behalf. He realized the best structure for Read More

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