Zynga Inc Hit It Rich Casino Slots Gets Dragon’s Bounty

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) has launched latest slot machine in Hit it Rich Casino Slots known as Dragon bounty. As of now, the company has launched the new title only for the Facebook version of the game, says a report from Inside Social Games. Players are required to earn coins while playing the five reels of medieval and fantasy symbols, from dragons to princesses, with the expected game play customization options in place.

Zynga Inc Hit It Rich Casino Slots Gets Dragon’s Bounty

What’s new in the game

Players are allowed to select their bet amount and toggle auto spin from 10 to 100 at once in the Dragon’s Bounty. For every spin the player achieves an experience point, and can avail special bonus that appears at random.

Apart from earning free spins, certain symbols in the dragon egg game turned into larger “mega” symbols. Such symbols are bigger than individual squares, filling upto 12 squares at a single time and helping gamers to earn bonus coins.

Zynga, also, announced to donate $1 to the Children’s Health Fund, when a user invites a friend to play the game and if the player accepts the invitation. Players can access to play free Casino slots on Facebook, Android and iOS. The game maker makes it sure to keep the slot machines updates with branded properties such as Ted, The Wizard of Oz and Duck Dynasty, among others.

Zynga confident on games franchisee

Zynga is expecting to drive growth on its franchisee Farmville 2, which has been a core contributor for the game in the last quarter. Mobile games tapped a double-digit growth in the first quarter. Mobile bookings of the company will contribute in the web bookings this year, according to the expectations. Mobile bookings for the company have increased 36% of the total booking. Mobile gaming is a smart diversification strategy, which the company appears to be implementing exceptionally well.

Zynga is focusing on its restructuring and would shell money to strengthen its franchisee and maintain performance. The gaming segment of the company is making efforts to offer enhanced user experience. At present, users are happy with the changes made in the casino title that created positive results in the bookings. Till date, the company has launched Farmville 2: Country Escape in 16 languages.