Windows 9 Enterprise Will Release Without Metro UI [REPORT]

Rumors and leaks about Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 9 continue to trickle out ahead of its anticipated preview in September. The latest leaks come from notorious Russian leaker WZOR (via, who is well-known for spilling the beans about Microsoft products ahead of their official release.

Windows 9 Enterprise Will Release Without Metro UI [REPORT]

Windows 9 RT will work only on Surface Pro 3

Inside sources told WZOR that the enterprise version of Windows 9 won’t have the Metro interface that most desktop users hate. The Russian leaker also claimed that Windows 9 RT is also in the works. Sources said that a special build of Windows 9 Enterprise (Technical Preview) was recently released to testers. The Redmond-based company won’t make the test version of Windows 9 Pro OEM available.

What’s more, the test version of Windows 9 RT will run only on the latest Surface Pro 3 tablets. Microsoft’s previous tablets were disasters. So, only a few customers would be disappointed, if any at all. WZOR claimed that Windows 9 will support 3D mode through UltraHD TV. It will also allow backing up data to the cloud.

Another interesting information coming from WZOR is that Windows 8.1 users will get a free upgrade to Windows 9, or they will receive a special offer. Users who purchased a OEM or retail version of Windows 8 will be eligible to upgrade to the new OS for just $20. The software giant is still struggling with a large number of Windows XP users who have been reluctant to upgrade months after Microsoft ended support for the OS.

Windows 9 internal builds have a one-click upgrade feature

According to a report from Neowin, internal builds of Windows 9 have a one-click upgrade feature to upgrade the OS from one build to the next. However, it’s still unclear whether this feature will appear in the final version of Windows 9. Microsoft has been pushing for continuous improvement and more rapid releases instead of infrequent major updates.

Other exciting new features of Windows 9 include an improved Start menu, an interactive taskbar, Cortana voice assistant, virtual desktops and unified UI.