Blue Microphones Introduces Mo-Fi Studio Headphones

Blue Microphones just launched another headphone model called Mo-Fi Studio Headphones. The audio peripherals have professional quality that suits both musicians and audiophiles.

Fans have been patiently awaiting for this announcement for quite a while now. One single image of the headphones has been floating throughout the internet since the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

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A look at Mo-Fi Studio headphones

The Mo-Fi Studio headphones are large in size which is expected for a studio quality headset. These headphones fit over ears as a way to block out ambient sounds while maximizing comfort. Unlike other large studio-quality headphones, these headphones will make the wearer’s head feel as if it is cradled. The comfort is still mechanical and structural. Most headphones were designed with a spring-loaded band which grips around the head, the headphones also have a four-bar link system which offers a better grip than most other high-end headphones.

These headphones also features circumaural ear-cups which are actually shaped like ears. These headphones look and feel a little bit heavy, but it’s not hard to wear.

The appeal behind the new headphones

The function of Mo-Fi Studio headphones primarily offers a more flat sound. This gives technicians a more “realistic” sound to work with. These headphones have passive, On, and On+ modes for different experiences. The switch powers up an internal amplifier which is analog based.

One of the markets the Mo-Fi Studio headphones will likely benefit is the audiophile market. Many music listeners use their mobile phones to listen to MP3 collections or online radio. This is where high-quality headphones come in as a way to enhance the music. Beats currently dominated the headphone market with quality headphone products and even a music service. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) acquired the company last month as a way to enhance competition against other music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P).