Windows 9 Arriving This Fall, Windows 8 End In Sight [REPORT]

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will unveil Windows 9 this fall, claims notorious Russian leaker WZor, who has a pretty good track record. In a Russian language post on Ru-Board, the leaker said that the upcoming update to Windows 8 will be the last major overhaul of the existing OS. Microsoft is expected to launch the Windows 8 Update 2 in August.

Windows 9 to have new activation methods

WZor claimed that Microsoft will back the launch of Windows 9 with heavy advertising blitzkrieg and a new distribution method. The new activation methods will tie a copy of Windows 9 more closely with a specific PC. It will require the user to log in to Microsoft Store, and users won’t be given an activation key. Talking about Windows 8, WZor said that there will be new updates after the Update 2 due next month. But no new features will be added to it.

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Motivation behind the new activation method is “problems in China.” The world’s most populous country recently banned Windows 8. Notably, a couple of weeks ago, WZor claimed that Microsoft may announce Windows 9 at its Worldwide Partner Conference, which begins July 13 in Washington D.C. That claim was missing in the latest report, but WZor reassured us that the new OS will be launched this fall. However, he only talked about the announcement, without revealing whether it will be a Developer’s Preview or Preview of Windows 9.

One Windows 9 to fit every device?

The Russian leaker said that Microsoft will bring back the Start button and menu, which seems to be a safe bet. Other reports suggest that Windows 9 will have the capability to identify the device and transform its user interface for a more friendly experience on that device. For instance, if it detects a keyboard attached, the OS will have a desktop UI. If there is no keyboard attached, it will have a tablet interface.

The launch of Windows 9 would put an end to Windows 8. If Microsoft brings the new OS with a lucrative upgrade offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8 customers–along with a consumer migration tool–the software giant has a chance to re-establish its dominant position.

Microsoft shares were down 0.14% to $41.93 in pre-market trading Tuesday.