Lessons Learned the Hard Way From Sir John Templeton

Lessons Learned the Hard Way From Sir John Templeton

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Sir John Templeton did it differently by:

1. Investing Internationally

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2. Using hand-­written spread sheets to calculate 5 year P/Es.

3. Taking a long-­term perspective.

4. Having large country risk versus the index.

5. Concentrating his portfolios.

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How we do it differently

1. In depth industry studies.

2. Quantitative Analysis and Check List

3. Open Outsourced Qualitative Analysis

4. Concentrated Portfolios with Low Turnover

Why How We Do It Differently Works

Assume a company is correctly priced by the market 80-­?90% of the time. In order to find the 10-­20% we look for

a) Mismatches between real and perceived threats and their impact on value.

b) What insight do we have that is not reflected in the stock price.

c) Do a deep dive into business segments, cash flow, earnings and capital expenditure.

d) Find the most inexpensive way to own the company.

e) Look for new and/or controversial management.

How do you do it differently?

  • Your unique vision.
  • Your unique core competences
  • Your unique network
  • Be innovative

To Minimize Threats and Risks

  1. Rigorous Analysis
  2. Concentrate Forces
  3. Build Networks
  4. Don’t Overleverage
  5. Have a Plan and a Process

See full Jane Siebels: Lessons Learned the Hard Way From Sir John Templeton in PDF format here via valueinvestorconference

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