Ritholtz’s Masters In Business Coming To Bloomberg Radio

Ritholtz’s Masters In Business Coming To Bloomberg Radio

The multi-talented Barry L. Ritholtz, founder and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management, is hosting a new interview-format radio show on Bloomberg radio titled “Masters in Business.” Ritholtz describes his new show as “Mark Maron’s WTF meets Charlie Rose, for finance.”

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This new radio show debuts July 12th, and will focus on how the modern masters in business and finance got to be who they are today. In a blog on the new show published Tuesday, July 8th, Ritholtz said there would be no stock picks or market predictions, and he planned to ask questions such as: Who and what were their influences? Who were their mentors? How did they get started, what events shaped their careers? What helped to form their philosophies? How has the finance industry changed over their careers?

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More details on Masters in Finance

Ritholtz says the new show is actually half radio, half podcast. It features a one-on-one interview each week that is broadcast each weekend. The first half of the show is an hour of radio, but the second half of the program has no time restrictions at all. Ritholtz says that he decided on this format because “didn’t want anyone to feel rushed or pressured to give a pithy answer, or time pressured.” He says the idea is that after the live-to-tape for broadcast radio is over, we just keep recording and “see what happens.”

This method has worked like a charm, according to Ritholtz. He says that Doubleline’s Jeff Gundlach “tells wonderful stories in great details about his early days as a bond manager.” He also mentions how Kynikos fund manager Jim Chanos “regaled us for hours with all great stuff.”

The Masters in Business host also says former SEC Chair Arthur Levitt, Jr. is “sharper at 83 then most of us ever were on our best day — and may just well be the finest Human Being I have ever met in my life.” He also says that Rob Arnott is “full of smart insights”, James O’Shaugnessy’s career path is truly unbelievable and  Sheila Bair is an “utter delight.”

Ritholtz closes his blog by highlighting his goal of speaking to the 100 most influential and important minds in finance over the next two years.

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